NLE Choppa Murda Talk (Unreleased Audio)

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TheHungrySharkWorldGamer says:

The fits doe

Nahyan Abdullah says:

This song say cript on ur blood hmmm bett

Nahyan Abdullah says:

Why he scared I ain't cript btw

Rodney Outlaw says:

Red 🌷💩 on the one I said I

SX MX says:

Sound like king von

LaDean Langford says:


Luvie Young says:


Tyrese Morton davis says:


GG fortnite record best says:

I gave him the sea o

Jaibriel reed says:


Jaibriel reed says:


nikiya sade’ says:

It Go’s Really Hord

Melanie Wroten says:

Nle choppa is my favorite rapper

Erica dannette says:

Crip gang doe life

Ruben Cassama says:

It’s now released

Mariah brown says:

Go NLE Coppa baby

ItsyaboiCameron says:

This is Trash Trap music Is Baddddd

Luv Snxgs says:

Murda talk already out

Dominick Magniarini says:

I didn't mean that he us 🔥 📛 👨‍🚒

Dominick Magniarini says:

Nle wahhhhhhhhh you su

Essence Johnson says:

Here we go agian always copying 🤦🏾‍♀️

Suzette Kline says:

Why he look hella short🤣

kirvine1228 says:

I am a big fan

zZCommanderZz says:

The lyrics on point, but not the beat.

Jaylin Smith says:

How my favorite rapper

Ronnie Efferson says:

Its was actually a song

London Gisselle says:

Oh my god so cute

Des Taylor says:

Dude fake asf and his music wak

Brenden Rosell says:

I like your music

Edward Miller says:

That is a song

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