NLE Choppa "Murda Talk" REACTION

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2nd Reaction Channel:


OG_EDITZ says:

I miss his old intro ngl

OG_EDITZ says:

My nigga said killerest

Kristian Tawater says:

Not saying I'm perfect but god don't hear killers prayers once you kill somebody you going to hell and I know that especially the way they talk about doing it now I can tell you who been getting they prayers and that's the devil the devil can interfere with you to 🤷‍♂️

Manuel Acosta says:

I’m here now

Jasmine Gordon says:

Menace to society easy bro

Jayys Kracc says:

dis comment fa 900 comments 🤟🏽🤟🏽

Jake Echols says:

React to top Shotta flow

Jake Echols says:

React to top Shotta flow

Lavontay Lanier says:

Why he pause the video so much

Andres Villamar says:

Is he high all the time or sum

serwah lydia says:

Stop smoking I don't want you to go like juice and x

Code Red says:

Its boys in da hood or menace to society

Epsilon Nettl says:

in the beginning who is benmarc later who shot this shit

Quincy s says:

Menace society 🔫

Daniel St.Louis says:

8:15 damn ghost he probably be busy these days

Dukeplayhouse 2 says:

“Look at the video real quick, yeah green Light yo ass “ this nigga hell 😂😂

demondementiax7 1 says:

This nigga baked

Kedo Jiles says:

😂😂im dead wen ghost was like after he smoke em and her start dancin like this

big grizzly gaming says:

Menace to society

TBG Bagman says:

That movie 50 cent was in

Jkeys Official says:

keep up the good work!

ft Plaga says:

Where i live walk em down is at a whole different lvl

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