NLE Choppa – Murda Talk (Official Lyrics Video)

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Murda Talk Lyrics

A hunnid shottas, two oppas, I bet this glock I pop em
A hunnid shottas, two oppas, I bet this glock I pop em
A hunnid shottas, two oppas, I bet this glock I pop em
Ay, I think lil homie scared fool, he say I’m ready fool
So I gave him that lil dirty tool, he say he finish dude
Say he caught him slippin, got the clip, and knocked him out his shoes
Mommas cryin’, niggas dying, pussy thats what shottas do

Creep on yo block, real slow, tint on my window
Mask on, gloves on, you know the clip extendo
Ay don’t look down that window, open up that door and chase his ass
Put two up in his back and then I walk em down and face his ass
Said he want some smoke, well you know I had to lace his ass
Opposition hoe, gave me throat why she was shaking ass
My pops said don’t give him that glock cause you know he gon fuckin crash
If a nigga catch me in a jam, you know I let it ride
My life or yours, pussy nigga
Im gon let me decide
We shoot first, we dont shoot back
So you niggas better duck and hide

I got the drac in trench coat
Send shots, up through the window
I got the glock, a gen four
We pop his top, and then we go
Trafficking birds, like Nino
We live him lost, like Nemo
All black attire, emo
Short time to live, like chemo
If the numbers right, your nigga kill you, call it bingo
You better watch, your lingo
My niggas slide, for Gino

I need to slow down on them thirties, cause I keep on throwing up
I threw back two of them bitches, so it gave me bubble guts
I got my pistol with me
Got the semi with me
Ridin in the hemi
I was thuggin’ hard in juvenile, I had the rules bending
They like damn you left the clip empty
Yeah I left that clip empty
Yeah Im killa so some come tempt me
Memphis shooters, like the grizzlies

Shoot his baby momma, in his chest
Damn near knocked her titty
I’m off a couple fucking percocets, I feel my body lifted
Why the fuck that boy, he got a vest
We pop his top, and dip it
Drive by in a Honda Civic, so they know lil Choppa did it
Hop out, boys on the blocc
Niggas ran, like they seen the narcs
Hit him in his thigh, hit him in his back, make him drop
Oh he still alive, let me finish that, pop his top
I dont fantasize, them bodies in my mind, and I cant stop
Nigga know I keep a glock



This song is fire

Lloyd Whitelow says:


Verkzy says:

Am the only one the when I see the rat I think of 69 I cont be the only one right?

Big Papi Vibes says:

The animation make the song wayyy better

Annette Turner says:

Claim your half milli ticket here

Adrian Sellers says:

This video is animal abuse

I am Lil Con Yo Bro Wyd says:

Everybody gangsta til the quiet kid starts singing this song

Banana Man says:


10 k subs with no vids says:


Messiah Davis says:

Hey 1968$❤️❤️🚘

David Louis says:



i love nle choppa

NLO Scardeliox says:

Yo this is driffriend dont correct mr is a joke bet this is diffrent cause there is no piano two go to top shotta murda talk it haves piano two

Absolute Joker says:

Why does this sound different from the music video? Anyone reply

Yvann Ekissi says:

Got to send this to all my hater telling them i'm coming for y'all ass with my smg

Dark Husky says:

He say he finish dude

lerkin scorpion says:

Never rate shoot his baby mama part

Ciara Beckles says:

Y'all stop playing with nle

Mario_gamer123 - says:

Who ever disliked this video “i bet the glock a pop em”😂


nle went off

Nathan Lambert says:

We gon miss this kinda rappin😭

Caysen Wieskamp says:

I feel like this ain't the same as the official music video bc the beat is calmer than the music but it's still 🔥

Byron Perry says:

One of the best songs he made

Cameron Herron says:

If you wanna get lit then listen to this

Raydin Garrett says:

His new edits are firr

isaiahdevinci says:

Is it just me or is the bass a lot lighter

Alesha Johnson says:


Ima beast 3689 says:

This makes me wanna shoot somebody 10 times with a rocket launcher

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