Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live At The Paramount, Seattle / 1991)

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Music video by Nirvana performing Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live At The Paramount, Seattle / 1991). © 2011 UMG Recordings, Inc.


Trent says:

This is my least favorite nirvana song lol Big Cheese is my fav for sure

MWolverine1969 says:

I’ve always been amazed that he could play this song live and have it sound SO DAMN GOOD!

Monika Szymanowska says:

For me it's perhaps the most intense and upsetting feeling during a live performance ever to watch Kurt's face closely yet to be unable to see it.

MegaSickcat says:

I am surprised at the lyrics.

Harry Kuuchi says:

what if Metallica did a cover?

カツラー打った丸【今日の出来事】 says:


FM ZFM says:

Real premitive, the guys apparently need a doctor.

northcountrybhoy says:

the world is stupid and contagious

Michael Rattray says:

Love how Kurt still seems to enjoy playing the solo here. Compared to the screw this shit solo at Reading. 🤣

kyokonkyochin says:

Why are there 2 snowflakes trying to dance on stage?

karthick d Edward Edward says:

1:48 kurt says our littel tribe but its our littel group?

Shawn David Clare says:

Funny the shit that gets 500 millions views…

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