NBA YOUNGBOY Reacts to Quando Rondo "Soul Reaper" FULL Video! REACTION!

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Hey Family on the road to 100K! LIKE THIS VIDEO UP!! Thank you for watching, NBA YOUNGBOY Reacts to Quando Rondo “Soul Reaper” FULL Video! REACTION!
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Aidan garrett says:

changing Image more like chillin at home😐

Zion Anderson says:

check out song on my channel

Jay Mack Reacts says:

Can You Watch My Video? I Reacted To This Video Myself But I Like How You Did This Reaction…

Skiezz says:

He saw gee money and said get that died nigga off my screen


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Just subscribed

Tanarius Manning says:

React to Quando Rondo ABG, that's him when he was woke, he been sleep after 2018 now he bacc nigga

Darnell Winchester says:

😭man idc who get dropped frm either side yb,durk,or quando des niggaz just funny 😂I wish the best for both sides tho

Khristian Larry says:

When Quando said can’t wait till I the day dat I catch em and nbayoungboy said just wait den u miss dat part it round the begin

ClxpPIC says:

wat is yb ig?

K Y says:

Listen to nba Youngboy- Nevada

Slat Business says:

Y’all react to the right things

Jayoms says:

I feel like eatin booty !

Bta Savage says:

Can u react to rapitmeechy pls the song is motion picture.

Dee Ross says:

Ya gotta react to old quando then react to ABG plz we need that reaction that was the song that blew him up

Cody Pariseau says:

If YB say you woke him up and he wasn't already this gon be crazy, Yb on da remix 🤫

True Gooner says:

React to nba Youngboy weakness unreleased but shut bangs 🔥

Ryder Hannah says:

react to lor scoota breakdown🥺

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