"My Name Is & Real Slim Shady & Without Me" Eminem@Firefly Festival Dover, DE 6/16/18

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My Name Is & The Real Slim Shady & Without Me, Eminem, Firefly Festival, The Woodlands, Dover, Delaware; June 16th, 2018; Revival Tour


Nandooou Lima says:

Beastie boys

Legacy 19 says:

7:05…. There was prolly a Debbie in the crowd that got silent for a sec.

Kaylee Deisher says:

I wish I was there I wanted to be the 10 year old at the concert;-;

Jacob Andrei Garcia says:

"Happy Father's day bro"
"Thanks man, Happy Mother's day"

nitroplitvice says:

his mic was .. just fuck off

Moise Kabongo says:

I like the duo how they take everything just so clean and well details and in order. Even just when they it .clean stage not overcrowded. M is unique best

Sophia Ntwobiss says:

guys google eminem pics he looks replaced to me idrk

Deddan says:

With his adult voice the real slim shady is so much better

L E N A R D ll. says:


Mr Schneider says:

There is something about him that makes him look good at making pancakes

Elise S. Corner says:

The slim shady concert

Lixxcome_Yt says:

Everybody sit down.

Jose Ordonez says:

I got to go see him performe.

Lønley Tøast — says:

It’s been over 10 years can the real slim shady please stand up now?

Jason Adamson says:

man a proper guy. lovr ❤

jjlutfiyya says:

without me is my fav

E says:

That "fuck you debieeee" from the crowd was so cool

John Smith says:

I was here… never thought I’d ever see Eminem live let alone in Delaware lol

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