Mulatto – Bitch From Da Souf

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Little Hi u done Fucking my man? J. JAMAL COLLINS of New Orleans

Edmund Lacamen says:

She is so hot

Jess R says:

Cuz I'ma real ass trill ass bitch from the souf………………

casscarter601 says:

Tik tok brought me here ! “Janay2funny “was jamming hard to this ,so I had to check it out.

Rachel Hollins says:


Sairis A. Morales says:

So no comments?

Shawn says:

This song is straight 🔥

e e says:

These comments borin

Nandi Perk says:

Bruh she wifey 😂😍

Dani Boo says:

As a bitch from da south myself love dis shit!!!!!!! #GeorgiaPeach

Charlot Eh says:

Here before this is viral

Miss Shannon Lee says:

What?? Wtf are the comments?? This song it hot AF!!!!

Mazikheem Rain says:


Daniel Pritchard says:

I'm from south Dakota. Usually listen to country. Heard this randomly scrolling through Sirius… I fuck wit it. Made me want to wear a suit in the shower.

iesha wilson says:

I came here for trina but the whole song is fire 🔥🔥 I'm bumping this song inside my car in NYC. Good music

devyn idk says:

expected more comments

javen shirk says:

Where all my rich ass bitch ass bitches from da souf

lys davis says:

this song is under rated

ladybug Testimonies says:

Yeeeeeh 💦💪🏾💙 💋

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