Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud. Epic Rap Battles of History [Reaction]

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MDGEntertainment says:

Dam y’all really make me feel like I’m the best reaction channel much love ❤️ 🙏🏾

Michael Beal says:

he said He got some sorta cancer when one of his first lines was I got the mouth cancer wasn’t feeling so hot lol

Jose Martinez says:

Freud is most known for the oedipus complex. He does have a lot of theories one being about cocaine being good for you which is now known to be debunked but is mostly known as the father of psychology with the way he treated patients. The going to see a psychologist multiple visits and explaining your traumas rather than just once and given prescriptions to help the aliments is mostly how his legacy is still going through. Both Mother Teresa and Doctor Freud were known to help people in ways that didn’t required the use of heavy medication basically ulterior or simple care, through the way of speech rather than providing those forms of heavy medication. Rather those patients needed them or could they do better is always up to debate depending on the resources that they have and/or if those patients would have done better meeting someone else instead is always debated about but I would argue that they at least attempted even if they had ultimately failed at the end of trying to help people.

Roc Leonidas says:

Please tell me you caught the maturbation line?

miesugarsweet2 says:

Mother Teresa was getting them Barz and what's going on the beat but I have to give it to Sigmund Freud👍✌

Lourdes Estevez says:

Mother Theresa was a monster, she belived that suffering was good

Mitsuki says:

Please don't attack me but I feel like Mother Teresa won for me… It was kind of a 51/49 for me. Mother Teresa had a lot more cuts and better flow idk though.

Seasick Viking says:

Freud called 'Mother Teresa' out on way too much not to win: milking the money, her birth name, her cruelty towards patients…it was getting hard to watch. That killer ending of 'times up, Teresa' sealed it, though.

Ieva Zagante says:

Give medicine? Refusing even painkillers, and, of course, professional medics, because building new convents is not cheap. So a person with, say, rheumatic fever could easily die in her schelter from cholera, because an idiot nun was unable to tell one from another.

Boomblabla poof poof says:

5:23 !!
The timing was perfect!!

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