Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud Epic Rap Battles of History REACTION! MOTHER TERESA ISNT PLAYING LMA

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blank blank says:

Mother Teresa's hospitals for the dying in india didn't care about treating people.
They were just places poor people went to slowly die.
Let me put it like this.
Mother Teresa didn't go to her own hospitals when she needed treatment for her self.

How To Trick An Atheist says:

Mother Teresa without a doubt Sigmund have false assertions that’s she stole money we’re there is no evidence for it, and no Christian believes in a man in the sky

مذبحة says:

definitely freud he had haymakers hard haymakers and so did teresa but freuds hit harder

K a i ب_ب says:

idk why but i love the way you say yikes

Dylan Hayslip says:

You know it’s a bar if he says “that ain’t right”

Alex Talbain says:

Mother Teresa won for me, because she talked about all she did for people and put down sigmund Freud by saying how he ripped people off and completely discarded their beliefs, which is a big NO in the world of phyco analysis. I mean all he did was rap about sexuality and say that all the good she did were lies which isn't true in the least. I mean yes I believe in god, but like even if you don't, you can't deny all the good she did and since Sigmund only really insulted her sexuality, he basically proved her right when she said that every thing is sex to him

football fan says:

Bills mafia babyyyy

Katrina Khalatians says:

I think Sigmund won

Michelle McCloy says:

So are we going to all ignore the fire bar from MT: "Obsessed with masturbation, but you're off…the beat?"

Ethan Dearlove says:

Everyone betta be in Bills Mafia! Let's go Buffalo!!!

UnluckyGambler says:

fuck that bitch teresa. its a shame the world doesnt know who she truly was.

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