Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud Epic Rap Battles of History Reaction

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Alex Morgan says:

Been watching your erb reactions lately and this is the first time I've disagreed so far. I think MT got wrecked. Lol

Ethan Salters says:

Real surgeon?

Casey’s Reptiles says:

To me Freud’s last couple likes beat mother Teresa

Kilian says:

Libido also means ”life energy” in the context of Freudian psychology

drewping2002 says:

Your vow of celibacy? Redundant… 💀💀🤣🤣🤣

33jedi says:

Froid had some bars sure but he lost points for me in two spots. both in the second verse. "You seem to talk alot about yourself" Uh, dude your first verse started off with you proclaiming your favorite thing to talk about was litterally yourself. . . that diss backfired. the second one was "Here we have a mother that nobody wants to sleep with" Once again, in the first verse you said, "You're chasity vows, redundant." So he litterally repeated himself cause he had nothing else.

Sara Poppins says:

the bar that he's off beat too when he's obsessed with masturbation. Can't keep up with the beat to masturbate or rap. LOL.

Tonok Walk says:

M Theresa was the biggest scam artist in history. Fake and cruel with a PR campaign that any politician would give up an organ for. Sigmund was a piece too, but she was evil.

Anthony N says:

This was great 😂🔥

Duke Hollace says:

If you want a critical look at Mother Teresa (it would have helped in getting where many of the sigmund lines came from) you could probably read "Missionary Position" by Christopher Hitchens. Needless to say he was not a fan.

As a side note, if you haven't the time, it's fine. It's just interesting.

CringyYoutuber 287 says:

What do you mean that "here we have a mother that no one wants to sleep with," line was heat

Null says:

"I ain't got no D-envy" won MT the battle right there and then

Freud believed that all women were envious of men because they wanted dicks, and MT is a nun who is already celibate.

BlazeWolf9511 says:

I feel like MT verses were better. Freud only made fun of 2 things. Her beliefs and the conspiracy around her while she went after him at every angle. So I feel like she deserves the win more tbh

Changing Mind says:

MT had the flow, great word-play and overall a few good disses – but Freud just KILLED her with savagery!
He literally pointed out all her worst controvercies and ended it all like she was just another one of his patients…

Ryan Duncan says:

You should look at the beginning, he takes his watch out of his pocket, checks the time like he's only doing a consultation, then at the end tells her that time is up, so he won't be bothering with her

Mr. Jameson says:

Freud crushed Teresa. MT had better flow and decent disses. But Freud was dropping bombs. Rap battles are focused on disses, so usually whoever has the better disses gets the chicken dinner.

Jenniffer Perez Vera says:

Here we have a mother that no one wants to sleep with ! And with that he won !!!

saxon tumbleson says:

She said she had balls but no D-envy; because she's celibate, she can't have sex ie no envy for the D. I thought that was pretty clever lol

equitine _ says:

Bro how you gonna miss the diss on monther T's look diss with the redundant chastity line

CMDR_Kai says:

This doctor got merc'd by an old lady.

Datboi Tanjiro says:

Sometimes you look a little too deep into the bars lol reaching just a little bit

GreenLightningHood says:

All Freud said the whole time was that Theresa was ugly, her religion is dumb and she ripped people off. He had enough content for one verse. Theresa hit him back with the 0-13 nominations, saying he essentially did nothing for anyone and his legacy means nothing, she hit him on his cocaine addiction, and she talked about how within her religion he is morally repugnant. Add up her better flow, wordplay, references, and the ridiculous amount of jabs she threw and I’m lead to believe that anyone that actually thinks Freud won either didn’t get what was said or doesn’t like mother Theresa

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