morray – dreamland (official music video) – REACTION

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FIRST TIME HEARING morray – dreamland (official music video) – REACTION

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Crown Family says:

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Braelin Smith says:

“I was 5’5 , with a 9ine on my waist, I was smart As a bitch but let my mind go to waste”

That play on words straight🔥

Alex Lowery says:

Hey! Can you react to “I wonder” by Nick Nittoli next please

Wendy Raymond says:

I really enjoyed this thanku so much always a pleasure much love and god bless x

Rory Coats says:

Hi Sir, appreciate your honest reactions, could you react to Jamey Johnson/Randy Houser live at Farm Aid "LEAD ME HOME" video, Marcus King Band "BEAUTIFUL STRANGER", Chris & Morgane Stapleton Radiothon for St. Judes Hospital cover "I HOPE YOU DANCE" Kendell Marvel "MUSTA KEPT IT FOR HIMSELF", Jameson Rodgers "LIKE YOU BEEN THERE BEFORE" Deryl Dodd "NEW TONY LAMAS" ( BOOTS), Travis Denning "ABBY", Elvie Shane "MY BOY" video TY Again

Bus 76 to Running Brook says:

"keep it all bottled up inside, I'm a black man that's how we survive"

Damn man. I've seen all 7 dreamland reaction videos so far, all by black guys. None of y'all lost it, like I did with the young boy seeing his mom struggle. Damn, I guess I'm not used to this stuff.

I want to point out one thing, if you circle back to the beginning again you notice that young Morray is probably looking at the other little boys father caring, teachin and being proud of his son. We learn later that young Morray didn't have that, instead he had a nightmare if a father, and I bet you that hurts even more than not getting presents. It's a truly beautifully painful reveal on the second time through.

Malakai Alberto says:

Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

rks smokey says:

dope video
started watching you a few days ago i like how you actually talk bout the song its not just watch saying its a good or bad song its a legit reaction

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