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#itzy #wannabe #wannabeitzy

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the waffle monster says:

COMPARISON Video for Ryujin, Yuna and Lia is up! Check it out:

iga says:

Chaeryeong is a very good dancer. She deserves better.
Queen Chaeryeong🧡🧡

Mina Kuma says:

Yeji powerful moves, sometimes too stiff and strong at chill parts (overdancing)
Ryujin has the beat in her blood, every move on point, tbh very rarely but sometimes does underdance (her style of dancing)
Chaeryeong, perfectly balanced of both strong but not too much, chill but never without power, gives everything her own vibe and style

Gege says:

YEJI can beat LISA

박재성 says:

예지 춤 각은 타의 추종 불허^^

비둘기 says:

야 오졋다 미친


Yeji's expression while dancing is cute

Raphael Ramos says:

Chaeryeong's hair dances with herrrr 💓✨

Maxpein Del Valle says:

For me Ryujin literally has the vibe of an idol that's why she looks better even if she's not the main dancer. She has her own style

][ says:


yc ng says:

Chaeryeong really a best dancer, cute and dance smooth, Chaeryeong saranghae

Stassy xx says:

I adore Ryujin’s dance style. She’s one of the best kpop dancers I’ve ever seen

mmmkay says:

Even though I’m Yeji biased I always love to watch a second time for Ryujin bc she dances like she’s just chillin and I love it 😂❤️

nansi DOYOM says:

Ryujin is best . I can't control myself

kookies with milk says:

Even their hair is in sync. HOW-

Mrcoups says:

Yall saying that yejis got attention from her dance and chaeryoung in better interms of this and that blablabla. The fact that Ryujin got the most views out of those 2

Rip eng😅

Robi Angeli says:


That's all.

I love all girls but,

still RYUJIN.

하영 says:

2:39 2:53 여기서 예지언니 확 튄다… 보는 내내 답답함 없이 시원시원 ㅠㅠ



이정효 says:

예지랑 채령이 메인댄서인 이유를 알겠음 너무 잘춤 ㅎ
근데 워너비는 류진한테 잘 어울리는 곡인듯 ~

sゆゆ says:

I'm a dancer.
I choose ryujin because she doesn't dance powerful of all moment. It is important for dancer to Put intonation.
For example, part of "I wannabe me me me" 's hand's move . This part is the best ryujin.

JJ. CerealBox says:


roni m says:

ryujin is the perfect embodiment of "it'z different". she's one of the very few female idols who have this kind of dance style and exude this kind of aura. she's not the typical type of feminine when she dances and is very charmingly unique bc of it! stan ryujin stan itzy

Vmin says:

1:30 Chae profossanial 😍😍👍👏✊

MARYAM says:

I love Yeji's dance. She's so good in Dance ♥️♥️♥️

Laura Alonso Gallego says:

for me: Ryujin is the best, she does not need to make strong movements to startle, only with the calm that she carries and at the same time that energy, she deserved to have the position of the main dancer. in the minute 2:53 Yeji made that movement too strong, and the dance does not need such strong movements, that energy she has must be put into a boy's dance, not a girl's, since the girls' dance is much more relaxed, but she did it very very well, just relax, which I like about her , It is that she has a lot of resistance, because she danced with the same energy all the time and it is 3 minutes, she deserves the second position of dancer (from my opinion) and lastly. Chaeryeong: she did very well, she has half Yeji and Ryujin, since she has the energy of Yeji and at the same time that calm and swag of Ryujin, but I do not see her with the same level as the others so I would put her in third place, then Yuna and then Lia, I say it from All the love in the world, I don't want to offend anyone, it cost me a lot choose, thanks for reading, byee¡¡¡

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