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The Migos release Culture 3 soon and give a sneak peak of the release of the new single Straightenin

TRENDING https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmllD4tJZ24wKG6PkIFipONGO-8B9h5R6


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James Proudlock says:

You know these mandem had to do a satanic ritual to be where they are right ?

My guessing it was probably F*k** each other

🖤Ebby🖤 says:

I love them ❤️🤤

Sir Classic says:

Behind the scenes? None of this was in the video.

Danny Boy says:

Keep getting more jewelry

John Smith says:

I'll always look at anyone who wears costume jewelry that costs millions of dollars as a childish fool. Why and where does that look or seem appealing to anyone other than a 10 yr old?

TV_ tezzy says:

What up migos and what are the plans for the music 🎶 🤔 👀 😌

Martin kabanda says:

Men I love your music for sure

Lil G says:

Bruh take off is geek 🤣

Lexi Lexi says:

I got on
Jewelry and I got on jewelry lol 😂 love take off

Chino Ching -Topic says:

Shouts out Miggos

Quentin Diaz Łøřđ F̀łâçķõ Q̀, says:

Takeoff is the chillest dude ever

ChrisBrutusYoung17 says:

I thought I heard Peter Griffin for a second

Gene Mizell says:

These rappers r done they dont invest their money all they do is buy jewelry n cars n make it rain in the strip club lmao n these r the dudes y'all look up to a bunch of drug addicts that pay other people to write their lyrics so they r not artists lmao

Thomas Jefferson says:

I'm thinking the more chain's you have on, the more your in slavery. But of course that's just my thoughts

Yuren Hazel says:

We wait of Deluxe álbum from Culture 3 🔥ft with Young thug,Gunna,Travis Scott and Lil pump…

Basimane Mokgwetsi says:


Free G Fredo n 7981 kal says:

Takeoffs laugh is the result of Peter griffin livin in ATL a few months

Free G Fredo n 7981 kal says:

Takeoffs laugh 😂😂😂

Sujal Dhadoti says:

Lol even they not only mumble rap but also they mumble talk 😂😂

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