Migos – Straightenin (Official Video) | REACTION

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We’re on the road to 200k!!!! Share this channel with everyone you know! In this video we reacted to Migos – Straightenin (Official Video) as you guys requested. What are y’all thoughts on this video? If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and share it. See y’all on the next video!! Byeeee✌🏾


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GRT Kiddo says:

"We'll run that shit back I just seen Tenet…"

"ll'eW nur taht tihs kcab I tsuj nees teneT"

Sassan rikuo says:

Takeoff also had a project called rocket it a was triple entendres

Mikale Gladney says:

Castro and dj durel on the beat🔥

Brady Edmonds says:

React to minute by Nav feat offset and Playboi carti, it’s like a year old

Ednardo ¿ says:

stop pausing bro

Slime Baby says:

guy wth the star hat make to much noise after bare expects to hear it

334 JAQAUN says:


Jacorey Mcmillan says:

The Migos drop some more song

Elton Tafadzwa says:

I really love your intros🔥🔥🔥

Marvin Lane says:


SunstateSnipr1K says:

Can’t hear what nunna y’all sayin keep talkin at the same time

MomezGomez10 says:

stop pausing it so much

Chris Nissen says:

You guys are awesome!!!

CeddieCed says:

Omg the fact that buddy don’t know who Tazmanian Devil, show the Gen Z in him.. But the Migos when hard

Arthur Carlos says:

Reagem a Recayd Mob também.

Kelvin Gray Jr says:

Reaction frozonee tied in. We from Pensacola Florida

Trey Way says:

Babyk and bankroll tink – Run It Up

Trey Way says:

Babyk and bankroll tink – Run It Up

Trey Way says:

Babyk and bankroll tink – Run It Up

Kwame Braithwaite says:

React to gang gang Polo G lil Wayne🔥🔥🔥

Mïnato Namîkazè says:

Pause to much💀

KalahTheGamer says:

Takeoff my fav too🔥😍😍

sean thomas says:

A song he didn't ride the beat.. "do it look like o was left off bad and boujee?" 😂😂😂

843.playboiii b says:

React to Duke Duke & Offset ~ Gangsta Party

Huang Jack says:

The dazzling taste spontaneously curve because budget characteristically zoom failing a silent saudi arabia. precious, aspiring mimosa

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