Migos “Straightenin” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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Migos’s “Straightenin” is their latest hit, and it’s already racked up 26 million views on YouTube to date. It is produced by DJ Durel, Atake, Sluzyyy, OSIRIS, Nuki & Slime Castro and appears on Culture III. On the track, Migos rap about coming back after taking time to work on solo projects and other collaborations since the release of their 2018 album Culture II.

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Caleb Keitt says:

At least take off the chocolate chip man

Zaryah padilla says:

I love how they all are wearing Migos shirts😁

Rhoda Gardner says:

STRAIGHTENIN 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ajna Anahata says:

You feel me.


This Is My Summer song right here like all day everyday


Takeoff seem way happier I’m happy for the kid he came a long way real migos fans know👀💯

tylakhalif says:

from 5:35 it sounds like he rappin

Tao Gooyit says:

I appreciate Take saying Em is one of a kind, facts bro. You my favorite migo man so hearing that made my day, love them bars.

pinker 597 says:

Take off my guy

Chris R says:

This might be the DUMBEST song ever made . . . If they meant anything they said in this interview why not say that in the song?

Rizky Riv Alhamid says:

Takeoff is my homie 🤙🏽

Dramane Diop says:


23 chips says:

Quavo: chilling and vibing
takeoff:stalling talking a lot using lots of time
Offset: in a rush speeding through

QueenCoCoaMocha says:

Offset low-key advertising the merch 😂 like a YouTuber

Wright Boys says:

Migos isn't the best in the world but 100% the best in the us

Buggah Mann says:

I needed this video to figure out what the chorus meant. Turns out it means nothing

Wsg homies says:

Takeoff be lookin like they uncle I don’t think quavo and offset look older but anyways lol

ADTV says:

“…Brothazhood” -Offset

Future Da Kid & Young Rascal says:

Song hard but they making up words 😂 song don’t make sense tho

Natalia Gibson says:


Tracy Payton says:

Threw ur whole album

Tracy Payton says:

Where did you get the word sue from on ur ad lip

G-Force says:

I once had a quantum physics professor that explained things like this.

Kakahe Kavari says:

Guy was hesitant to talk about Saweeti that part of the whips

Kakahe Kavari says:

Why was the camera lens dirty?😭😭😭

Montral Trajik says:

Entanglements can be straightenin

ImRealUgly says:

yall needa get to straightenin a lil more

Bernardo Migos says:

Quavo voice 🔥🔥

Sam Rosendary says:

“We left 😐, we left😐 , we left😐,we left 😐“

Carolyn McRee says:

wait takeoff got tattoos or them juss
sleeves ?

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