Migos – Straightenin (INSTRUMENTAL) Reprod. @Winiss Beats

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Instrumental Reproduced by WINISS 🎹
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Credits To Migos , Dj Durel & Slime Castro

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Winiss Beats says:

No Sampels No loops ! SUBSCRIBE for More !!

Victor Hawthorne says:

harder than og

Fiya Cruz says:

Permission to use this? I’ll give credit 🤙🏼

OfficialJayGee says:

Made 3 or 4 raps from this beat!✔✔😂😂💯

Lovely Rayy says:

Tired of those demonic lyrics but love the beat so had to come find the instrumental to dance. I love it. ✨🔥

ChildofG-d from Florida says:

Nice remake

Lemon Potato says:

got any similar songs to recommend? I love the work!

Mifta Amin says:

I dont like any changing of status
i knew you back when you were nameless
now you act up being shameless
all on insta acting famous
let me you tell you its blatant, that you need straightening, cos you are changing,
and im not shaming, just know you need saving,
from all of this white it be looking like shady,
i call you baby, think you amazing, but it is so crazy, you ain't behaving,
acting a fool on the street on the pavement..

FuSioN OneR says:

Dont spray it
Imma make you break it
We gone..
"Natural reaction"
Tell the people
What happen
We made lights and cameras
Now call "action"
We got the team on lock
Steady boys we "packing"
Boy playin because yo
We grab the 5
And start clappin
Next thing your girl wants action
So i set a flight
Got the girl start macking
True passion no need to reacting
This the migos
And we all always take
Action skrrrrt

Killian says:

Beat hard lyrics were straight garbage

Lukas Poppenborg says:

Which beat is similar to another migos song but I don't remember the name 🙁

Stalin Kryuff says:

I feel like rapping to this 😭❤️

Marty mar says:

Got me a p for the low pull up get a tee from the sto you ain’t neva rock out with that pole

Moweezy says:

I did a Remix to this Track and dropped it today!🔥🎥: https://youtu.be/21H0vdY5DTY

Kevin de la Vega says:

Twista, Bone thugs, mystikal, master p, e40 would kill this shit

Info for anything says:

Lmfao this is so off 😂

Iman Van Ruler Dub says:

nice version!!

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