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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator
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Hard-Hitting Bass says:

Like, subscribe & share! I said a new video every week for y'all and I mean it. Also, this is new software I'm working with. Let me know how it sounds, if it's too strong or anything.

For upcoming rappers/singers:

Are you an artist that is looking for exposure on this channel through bass boosting of your song? Email me at krismbeats@gmail.com, I will respond within 48 hours if it's a serious inquiry.

Donnyz0 O says:

Who else agrees that the drake and future life is good s the best one he has on his channel

Tom Ferrese says:

Do eminem "without me" bc u back now

Golab says:

Bro start posting a bit more

LukasYT says:

can you please bass boost Decals by Ravin

BoiguyMcAwsum says:

I asked you to do this song on Tiktok. You are the G.O.A.T. of bass boost

Michael Moore says:

is there any way you could do acquainted by the weekend?

Jackofall says:

can you do get money by melvoni

Antonio Saenz says:

Next one do nle Choppa Camelot pls bruh I wanna know what my ears think about that real quick

The Rebel Pebble says:

Yo is this Rodney

Travis Harvey says:

Man this is the best bass boosted channel on yt no doubt

Wesley Jackson says:

Yessir can’t wait for more

Tate Nava says:

been waiting a min

keep up the good work

Hi says:

Can you do N7 No hook?

der-kampfmuffin says:

Can u make trap queen??

TrollGod38 says:

do lil baby every chance I get ft lil durk

Exotic_Banxzt says:

My neighbors enjoyed this so much that they invited the cops👮‍♂️🤟🏾

MkDaRealist says:

Yo bro do my songs name beatbox and glock

cheese Green says:

Aye my speakers missed u so much they started smoking

P.s. my speakers are now on fire


Dam but it’s not the same 🥺🥺🥺😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

Sorrow says:

was waiting for u to upload🔥

crow with a steak knife says:

Can you maybe do japanese stutter when you have time?

_ _AWKCX_ _ says:

Let us all praise this man for blessing our ears once again.

Louie Gaitan says:

Bro can you plz do king von crazy story 3 plz that would go hard af🔥🔥

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