Megan thee stallion goes 0ff after Dababy collabs with Tory Lanez??

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PlugBoyAsh says:

Lol I made a mistake and put a tweet in the beginning of the video lol it is what it is 😭

Raheem Wilkerson says:

Great vidoe

TefDon 2wild says:

Ummm both them ni@@az got longer hair now

saddi culzac says:

Who is here but dont care what he saying ?

killerkhalsa27 says:

That scene was in skat 👀

The Life show says:

Bro learn how to pronounce shit before you make a video who the fuck is Megan the ah styling

Piddles McGee says:

Meg is 14 years old

Tristan Cartlidge says:

This video recording old

Da baby hair grew now and in this video it’s not. Proof. But it really don’t matter doe

Sleazy Mansion says:

Tory Lanez is a way better artist and entertainer than Meg and so is Dababy and it shouldn’t be a problem at all cause the world don’t revolve around her 😂

Ziyon Nixon-Holmes says:

Meg shouldn’t be talking all I hear in her music is “mwa”

Stay Alert Stay Alive says:

Is he saying her name weird or am I trippin?

Kay Marie says:

Song and video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥It is what it is. She betta get out her feelings and stay getting to that bag

Alina Gabrial says:

Megan jealous 😂

Stephanie Crutchfield says:

Da baby is very ignorant

Sou Fresh says:

That chic is tiresome. She starting to fall off.. and she in her fellings…

Jalen says:

Skat out now 💀

ItzThaGr8 says:

Old video well DaBaby does have braids now but footage of the hit still hittin' everything fye in my opinion

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