Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood (Clean Version & Lyrics)

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Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood (Clean Version & Lyrics)

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Hailey Benson says:

Which has more bad words? Savage or girls in the hood?

Jasmine Canady says:

Finally I can listen to this it's clean is perfect so my mom can stop whooping me for not listening to clean songs 😒

Olivia Loren The Makeup Princess says:

Wait 👉2:02 is like the cours of EZAY-BOYS IN THE HOOD

Luciouz Cristy says:

Misprint 0:16 – "Imma buy some draws wit em"

Alex Narez says:

I’m supposed to be doing homework but I told my dad I had to listen to a video

French playz says:

Im jaming lol UWU

Jennifer Evans says:

this is a hit wow ooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

IndigoChildTarot 11 says:

Why they be so mad tho.

Cause you a hot girl 🔥

flame goes crazy says:

this version sucks tbh, just my opinion. the original is better.

Pierre Jules Mayard says:

girls in the hoodddddddddd

Ashley Marberry says:

I love song It be about all us girls lol us girls in the hood and the boys in the hood

Kadyn Watts says:

I just love the song

hotel? trivago. says:

Listening to this in the car with my mom lmfao she loves Megan but no swearing 😭😭

Marcus Tudge says:

I love you so much

C可爱的流行P 136 says:

Yes I love it

Zaria Gould says:


azflower says:

you make amazing content! keep it up

Finnesse Savvy supreme says:

I love how you post so fast! Keep it up!

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