Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood (Clean – Lyrics)

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🎵Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood (Clean – Lyrics)
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Ramon Ray says:

I dare everyone to listen to this 2x mode I died

Admire Yaya says:

Some body here, cause they got lil siblings and they cant play cussin music on the speaker while they around!

Maka Deep clean service says:

Imagine sakura or Naruto singing this


YouTube Faith You can see my And I would never see you tomorrow,but the outside of


Megan stallion is the best thanks you know why we are watching it clean because are parents are making us

Our Roots Project says:

I love how you caught of the backup lyrics too

Aaliyah King says:

I love your videos my daughter keeps watching you guys you are I’m so happy that you’re making the queen can you make I don’t want that for kids in that are clean version

jeff irvine says:

Good song. 😆

Caden Weather says:

Free replay: 0:00

Brooklyn Perry says:

The music is so good

Brooklyn Perry says:

She is good

The Mk Family says:

I love Megan top 10 who every did the lyrics I like their lyrics way❤️🖤

princess hill says:

I ain't gone lie Megan go hard, but am I the only one who notices she said she has a nut?

Teresa Reynosa says:

Good sanger your prettier thing beonca im gonna get you a cat

Angelito Sanchez Guerra says:

I was playing roblox and this song came to my head! lol🤣🤣

C Round says:

Megan the stallion you did good

Belle Delphine says:

when yo mom give you the aux cord
and it has to be clean

Dominique Donald says:

The mad mad they wanna hurt me
Love it Love it

Ms. Marie says:

Megan my girl ah

Paul Wright says:

Ahhhhhh you good

♡Prëssly•Sky✧*。 says:

Bruh… Does she know dat "stallion" means wild Male horse! Lol

Jeremymacjr Squires says:

Megan the stallion sucks

Pierre Jules Mayard says:

best song perioddd

serenity and niah tv legacy says:

Who like the imma hot girl I do hot shii part ayyyyy that beat tho

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