Marshmello – FLY – FORTNITE Cover with MUSIC BLOCKS (Fortnite Creative)

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🎶Check out my cover of Fly by Marshmello made in Fortnite Creative Mode using Music Blocks.
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Thanks for watching ! Hope y’all enjoy.


Barış Tan BALCI says:

can u imagine it has been 2 years when there was a real concert please don hate but trawis scott was not a concert it was like an event

James Lampe says:

I'm a big fan

AppleBlu says:

wow this is good

Kyle Pryce says:

I love you Marshmello😍

Doom says:

Tutorial please??

tblum1982 says:

I guess you can fly

jonathan duran palacios says:

do you have a code for this

Lil Bam says:

Do you know acefrostnymph

Yh I’m Stray says:

You could of had a tunnel at max height and had the music blocks there and then after destroy the floor and the balloons keep u floating while the music is being played

Frost Biter says:

I love it you’re smart😉

uchiha renegado says:

Amo essa música

veronica vintimilla says:

Jngiekbz ue c. Zidnieiekeiiieiei3uf ifbfi

shoutingbunny 623 says:

That was nice I like how he put the bloons at the start


Great effort you put there!

GooieGames 123 says:

I was the 1000th like

Elrom says:

Pls turtoiel

Clxdz 07 says:

I saw this on readit

Luigi Alvarez says:

how did u uys did all of this marshmello should see all of your creative mello music..

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