Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson "Oh Santa!" VOCAL SHOWCASE (B♭2-G#5-G#6)

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mariahxlambily says:

make sure to follow me on twitter @beupwaiting AND KEEP STREAMING AND BUYING!!!

Renz Chloe Parungao says:

The G#5 wasn't from the 2010 version. It sounds nasal so it's rerecorded. Quarantination of Mimi

KingJuicy says:

So I just realized watching the 2019 performances that the G#6 is also in the background when Mariah does the “Santa” whistle. It’s also in the studio version from 2010. That’s enough proof that Mariah hit the G#6 cuz Ik ppl are still thinking otherwise

nicole monrue says:

This is how you do it….they make you rivals but they teamed up! Take notes madonna and gaga

One9bass says:

I cover this music with a bass guitar. how you like that is love the song!!!

The Quintessential says:

Can’t forget to mention how much I love your intro so much!!!

Karla S. says:

I loved seeing Miss Monroe in the video!😊✌🦋

Beby Boa says:

I like they r voice really, incredible btw when i hear they r both whistle its like a angel😍

Nijee Vaughn says:

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 applause for doing this vocal showcase. I love Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey. They are my vocal inspirations. Oh My God this collaboration is everything!! Jennifer soulful powerful vocals and Ariana light tone beautiful. Mariah is a genius for this collaboration. 3 queens on one track the best Christmas gift ever!

Adrian says:

The fact MC F5 sounds so youthful is crazy. Her tone really is one of the kind

haunt says:


Christian Stone says:

idk why ariana is in here but its so good

William Rocha says:

Are you going to make a vocal range video from the whole special?

Ken Banua says:

So on that paticular line , whose whistle is higher? I wonder.

Raschid Deéon says:

So I’ve been going back and forth on this one and Mariah re-recorded all parts including the G5#. In the 2020 version she runs upward to the note. In the 2010 version there is no run. She just hits the note. Surprised I haven’t seen anyone acknowledge that. Definitely not a copy paste situation. She could have sung the run and added the G5# note from the 2010 version but I just don’t see it being as tho she was able to do the F5 for this song. What y’all think? Also who saw the Special? It was amazing and I really appreciated Mariah being comfortable enough to redo all the songs and not be pressured to sound like 90’s Mariah.

meet me on the westside for me says:

whats the A? for example at 1:18.

Petr Klug says:

Are you gonna do the whole christmas special?

Steve Ims says:

Bb2 – F5 – G#5 – F#6 and even G#6, yes my queen Mariah, don't forget to Ariana and Jhud, the girls did amazing vocals too… Give a high appreciation for the girlsss…

John Macciel says:

Mariah’s F5 made me cry since I heard it

Lonzo says:

IDK if you answered this yet, but are you going to do a vocal showcase for her Christmas album/soundtrack?

D- ReL says:

Did Mariah claimed her musical daughter by doing that Whistle Duet! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yass AriXMimi

Jennifer ya bettas sang girl u betta tell em who Aretha pick to play her

it’s lit tho says:

will you do a vocal showcase of the entire special?

Nicholas Backmann says:

Mariah's voice is too beautiful !!! 🤩

N G says:

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Actually it’s a tripple whistle / head note for the word “Santa”

Mariah did both the higher harmony whistle tone for the word “Santa” as well as the middle main lead whistle tone, which was already the arrangement of the whistle harmony in the original song as heard in this isolated acapella version of the original: In this new version, Ariana contributed by doing a lower head tone harmony.
If you isolate and seperate the three layers of vocals you can clearly and distinctively hear who’s doing what. Here’s the separated isolated vocals of the new remixed version:

Low head tone harmony done by Ariana Grande: G♯5, B♭5, C♯6

Middle main lead whistle tone done by Mariah Carey: C♯6, E♭6, F6

High whistle tone harmony also done by Mariah Carey: F6, F♯6, G♯6

Next Lifetime says:


Anonymous says:


Obi Braxton says:

I feel like I’m in a parallel universe but I’m not complaining. 🤯😭
Ari & Mariah Carey in a song and video together!!!! Jlo did amazing it’s just the spotlight in the other two because we never thought we’d see it

Martínez Rangel Raúl Oziel says:

I can't wait any longer for the vocal range of the Magical Christmas Special… 🤩

boneswithvoice says:

That G#6 Mariah did! Her voice is so distinctive even in whistle! Ariana & JHUD were fantastic also. I kinda want them to do another 🙌🏾🔥☃️

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