MADNESS!!! | Digga D – Daily Duppy | GRM Daily *CANADIAN REACTION*

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We back with another reaction video!!

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Digga D – Daily Duppy

Digga is very talented & unique. This guy does everything and the hype behind him is insane!!.
Digga is one of the few artists that are really and truly in their own lane entirely in the UK.


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JJFIRTH67 says:

These guys are off there beannnnn

Tammy Alaf says:

Im so glad to be from London he acc lives near me, I feel like it’s hard for other people to understand the meaning behind uk drill, but that also goes to US rap or Canadian rap like where you grow up and the things behind the lyrics only people from ends would know but I love seeing other people from different countries tryna love off the UK big up yuh bludclart self

Rapidstarz says:

“About 10k for a show come correct 40k for a feature” digga saying he ain’t doing no show for 10k 🤣
Mya mills isn’t a lighty Portuguese or Hindi she just a normal white girl 🤣

Kingfusion11 says:

What is aj shabeel doing in the back

CalintoBro says:

It's haram for us to eat pork
, but it ain't haram for them to get bacon ✅

kizzkizz06 says:

You boys reactions are LIIIIIVE love it so much energy 😂

kizzkizz06 says:

Diggas lawyer had a brain aneurysm listening to this

Arvin Raj says:

Where’s the Complex Ambition collab?

Sz.1up says:

Intro song?

omer abdo says:

If you want views react to axtive gang

Babatunde Adeolu says:

y'all reactions be dead asf

Olivier V29 says:

The first beat is made by a 13 year old

Rice says:

Back left guy looks high as fuck lol, no need for the mask tho, don’t even work

gg33 5566 says:

Even when they didn’t know the bar the pretended they did 🤣🤣🤣

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