Lizzo – Good As Hell (lyrics)

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Lizzo – Good As Hell (lyrics)

This is my first ever video! Thanks for watching 🙂

– Chelsea

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Amber Hunter says:

Im in a happy relationship but i still vibe to this on a daily basis 🤷🏼‍♂️

Sweettoothsweetie X3 says:

Here from MLP:Pony life

Preze Davis says:

Why is this song popluar and it been here for 3 years

Angela Vargas says:

I love this song

Feyi A says:

Who has watched this more than 2 times? I have!!!😺

Nancy Miller says:

OMG !love your voice!

Gabriel Helewa says:

it took 3 years for this to become a hit

Daniel Attrell says:

My Little Pony XD

rochell klegstad says:

Clean up your language girl

Abrie White says:

My boyfriend just left me and this song makes me feel better tbh

Victoria Bazzano says:

She gives so much good advice😭💙 my hero💜🥺

I have ice cream want some? SIKE says:

Me when it’s Saturday

Faith Adebayo says:

Pizza is the best queen rapper

Kayza Giles says:

My ex broke my heart today so I'm listening to this on repeat all day.

Sandra W. says:

How tf are people here saying „they are heart broken for two weeks and the song just helped them getting over it.“ I‘m heartbroken since summer 2018?!

Abby Brown says:

Sing it girl

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