Lil Nas X – Industry Baby

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unreleased from MONTERO: THE ALBUM
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life’s support says:

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peepooking says:

This is not yours

Coleclan Productions says:

I like lil nas x without all the antics

Hoai Diem Le Thuy says:

The loving kiss symptomatically rhyme because cattle extragingivally thaw save a troubled girl. insidious, abaft coffee

Robin-Kun says:

Love him or hate him this guy knows how to make music.

Smudge says:

Ahh yes. Montage music

Davi Nakamura says:

Um mês? Wtfk

Precise plays roblox says:

This was a month ago how?????

Angela Wise says:

Thos I love lilnasx so cool so realistic

c memes says:

Hey did u know this 1 month ago and real industry baby is 1 week ago! Time travel?

Natas_666 says:

It’s kinda accurate it’s kinda scary tbh I feel bad for lil nas x

Water says:

They ruined the beat smh why it sounds so much worse now

Необязательно says:

Не очень.

Khanyisle Khanyi says:

I LOVE lil nas x

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