Lil Mosey Performs “Stuck In A Dream” & “Live This Wild” Live! | #MTVFreshOut

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Rapper Lil Mosey performs a medley of his songs “Stuck In A Dream” and “Live This Wild” off his album ‘Certified Hitmaker.’

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j .matt31 says:

They censored all the good shir

Arctrooper Echo12 says:

Catch y’all at the Rolling Loud Lil mosey live performance this killed my vibe

Arctrooper Echo12 says:

I thought it was my headphones but damn

The huge man baby says:

With no cuss it is not good

The huge man baby says:

Lil mosey really ugly he is a good rapper tho

Sarah Carpenter says:

Lil mosey is a really good raper

Groove Fretboard says:

The guitar shoulda been a cleaner tone and he didn’t do riff like the record exactly. Not bad just coulda been better.

Elijah Jackson says:

The DJ ruined it. It's sound much better with auto not the DJ.

LamZ says:

Still popping ans lol nah but jokes aside this song has been my favourite for ages I listen to it everyday 🤯

Roberto Bastida Ramirez says:

Why do DJs always ruin these performances

J says:

I feel like the man

Aggelos Kyriakakos says:

use me as i like mosey✌🏼🔥

Ricky says:

Anyone one know who the guitarist is ?

Amel says:

Why does he reverse the swear Words? Just let the instrumental play bruh


lil mosey is better then bts

Harlequiin224 says:

Dj is 🗑️ frfr

Lacee Juchem says:

Why does the Guitar guy look like he’s a grab on stuck in a dream

Jaxon Shuttlesworth says:

0:00 Stuck In A Dream
1:16 Live This Wild

AJ and friends come and play Young Junior says:

2:10 Why did they bleep wild out

Dayton Pan says:

One like equals one better dj

Andres Verdura Reyes says:

DJ messed up all the performance

Michael Ignatius says:

what the heck bruuuuuuuuuh this dj suck for putting autotune

Harlequiin224 says:

TF I just hear 🤔 at 0:04

Cris Cri says:

Everyone talking about the dj but nobody's talking about that guitarist doing like 2 note of the entire lead of stuck in a dream.
Wtf it's not that hard

No Fucks Given says:

What wrong with guitarist is he trippin
Man is in cowboy vibe 😂😂😂

Renzo Beretta says:

This Dj sucks

Syko says:

tf is this bruh mtv played mosey

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