Lil Durk -Traumatized (Official Video) Shot By @AZaeProduction

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Lil Durk -Traumatized (Official Video)
Produced By @ChaseDavisMuzik
Shot By @AZaeProduction


Jean Baptiste Lamborne says:

Free 9 rip chino

G Dom Nolen says:

Who still listening 2020 🔥🔥💯

CAfakmykak says:

Free Rondo.

Rez Royce says:

Real durk fans know wassup

YoFam says:

If y'all still bump this shit, NO DJ Version, nice af👀

John Dough says:

one of his hardest songs

IAmBlackHearts says:

Here in 2020

Chief 14 says:

Otf for life 🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨

Toni Johnson says:

Only real fans still listing Aug 2020

KID EAZY says:

Sophomore year boy 🔥 I lost boys but not like Durk I’m a retired iGD I left it cause I got married and in a family with 6 kids I need be here for my kids but I rep my set every once in a blue moon but I hanged my flags up for good

After my boy got killed I said FUCK this my kids not going fatherless

That life will only end you up 2 places

Prison yard or graveyard what u want?

I choose my kids before anything 💯

Core Creations says:

We gotta pay respect to this.

ant LiveYaBish says:

They don't want no drama with the drummer….

keenan winchester says:

whos here in 2020?

Dimitry Santos says:

Only real durk fans listening
on that pandemy environment

DatLeaker-_- says:

only real durk fans here in july 2020

Abdi Rahman says:

2020 and this is still a banger

anonymous says:

He changed the game with this song

Wolf-_- Xim says:

2020 bumpin

Ken Zey says:

2020 right nowwww

Worldwide Gutta Filmz says:

See me on top a make u sick to yo stomach

Kurt Doy says:

These old. Videos are the best, everyone still free, and alive 😔

izunapwnz says:

After listening to just cause yall waited 2… i miss this durk even more

Terugplanker Rachid says:

Damn almost 7 years ago

Lah Bandz says:

Still bumping 2020 🦾

Mikedog says:

Only real durk fans still listening May 18 2020

Mario Dolev says:

Real durk fans lissen this every day

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