Lil Durk – Hellcats & Trackhawks ( Instrumental )

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Instrumental Reproduced by 2legitjay 🎹
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This is an Instrumental Remake
Reproduced By me aka 2legitJay
🚫 Please Don’t use this beat without my permission
If you wish to Purchase the Studio Quality + no tags Dm on insta @2legitjay



Hellcats & Trackhawks – Official Version ( Build Ups + Reverse 808 ) ——>
If anyone wishes to cop it

Dm me on insta @2legitjay


Lil DxxF says:

I remember claiming Dipset (let's get it)
I had some bitches on my line
I told them bitches get they lips wet (bitch, get your lips wet)
Lock that door, where them bowls at? (Let's get it)
Search for his gun, where his pole at? (Where his pole at?)
We on his ass, where his shows at? (Where his shows at?)
He get away, we on his ass, where he parole at? (Parole at?)
I be hatin' when thеse rappers call these rappers brothers (brothers)
Only the family in my eyes, bitch, we got each other (yeah)
I popped a Perc' and drunk a gallon, man, that hurt my stomach (man, what?)
Doin' the dash inside the Lamb', that shit had make me vomit (yeah, yeah)
Fuck from the back, I pull her hair, she screamin' while she cummin' (she cummin')
Got foenem' G-locks, they be clutchin' every time they servin' (gang)
With all that rah-rah, like you like that, come around, you nervous (on gang)
Sneaky talkin' like you like that, now you actin' turtle (on gang)
Yeah, you ain't like that, you ain't catch a murder
Opps be threatenin' me in my DM, we ain't never worried (we ain't never worried)
Bleed, free Lil Steve, yeah, I concur (concur)
He be to himself but he'll catch a murder (catch a murder)
I'm smokin' weed, I don't fuck with dirty, uh (fuck with dirty)
Can't trust a E, 'cause these bitches dirty (bitches dirty)
I feel like Gleesh when I clutch my .30, uh
Get out the streets, bitch, you touchin' 30, uh (touchin')
Deeski been trappin', he just touched a 30, uh (touched a-)
Rich O be cappin' but you know that brodie, yeah
Uh, ay, Booka put the switch on for me broski (broski)
Uh, these niggas lookin' like these niggas know me (know me)
Yeah, you ain't my brodie, you ain't my dawg or homie (homies)
We got poppin', now they all our homies (gang)
I just had a threesome with two thick bitches (let's get it)
They just suckin' dick 'cause I don't lick bitches (gang, gang)
He know I fucked his BM, now he sick with it (gang, gang, gang)
Shot in his shit so when he spit, you know he twitch with it (let's-)
Hellcats and Trackhawks (let's get it)
They got Timmy on the turn-off and the blast-off (yeah, go)
He went and got caught for that body, took his mask off (take is mask off)
She a ungrateful lil' bitch, I take her ass off (take her ass off)
Give me them titties back (bitch)
They call my phone like, "Get them glizzys back", bitch
Tell your favorite rapper we ain't feelin' that, bitch
Tell your favorite trapper we ain't hearin' that (let's get it)
He want four thou' but I got two, so nigga give me that (man, give me that)
This stick up easy, this shit pity pie (this shit pity pie)
Know how I bleed, this where my city at (where my city at)
I'm from the 'Raq, you know it's litty there (you know it's litty there)
I ain't never bleed, that rapper get me there (yeah)

Thats_harsh says:

Should've called it camaros and mustangs.

Felony Melody says:

I wish it had the 808 slides but a nice remake anyway🔥🔥

Kaite. Marie says:

Piano going off it ant playing with church music no more

ItzDylan says:

I’m using this for an YouTube intro if thats fine with you!

Recap says:

I wish the beginning cut out like the actual song

Gu Baby says:

This bih hard 🔥

RealBooters says:

this beat make you wanna kill somebody and do the dash

Lnd Huncho says:

This beat makes me want to slap my great grandma and kick her out the house

prod.stimulus says:

the reverse 808???😫

Aviann Wells-john says:

i just vybz out to these whole day all come out your mouth is this lmao beat fire asf

xarlan says:

This is the beat lil Ronnie used in his song

Andrew Azreal says:

My cousin is using this to make a gay remix. Just… be prepared I guess

Keegan Reid says:

I love this beat

1500 Jayro says:

This hard asl but what happened to the beat part when he said “lock that door where them bows at search for his gun where his pole at”like if you listen to the song again you get what I’m saying

d4rthk1d beats says:

Man this beat slaps. Someone needs to kill this one fr 🔥🔥🔥

mikeallmighty says:

Best bet i heard all year

Kendra Hammett says:

Like wtf yo I just fucked up

Kendra Hammett says:

Can I cry 😢

Chico Too Legit says:

u muredered this junt, im finna drop on it


i just went crazy on this beat

Bandman Dezo says:

Can i use this beat?

Ahniya Washington says:

Anybody wanna help me rap to this song

maleek richardson says:

Why is this so fucking hard???

Team Astral says:

Yo, I make skits and stuff, and I was thinking of doing a funny parody of lil durk’s song, but I have to ask you if I can use this in the parody. This beat would really be cool to use, but with your permission, can I use it or do I have to pay or something?

David Rubio says:

I remember claiming dipset!!!!!

Jae808 Beatz says:

this a sample?

ii ChaseTheBag says:

I’m tryna make 100 thousand with no strings attached
Bought a cat with no mileage with a Visa pack
Doggie got a thousand for a feature I need 3 for that
It’s a cold ass world I bought some heat for that
Tryna go corporate they like Mike you too street for that
Feel like KD I counted 10 & did the evil laugh
[Rio] 500 horses in the Scat, but we creeping past
Dropped the back window up the Glock dropped 33 out that
This bitch keep slidin through the snow we need a Jeep for that
Get a rental drop a nigga out it then bring it back
Hold on bro bring it back
Press a button all you hear is motor ain't no keys for that
Left the crib with dough and cheese and brought a pizza back
I need like 4500 just for a piece of that
[Rmc Mike] I gotta get a million streams just to meet the quota
Pops spent 40 bands to complete the motor
Dawg had to take the Scat back cause’ the lease was over
We finna drop 10 CD’s and y’all think it’s over
Ion really fuck with rap niggas
Fresh as hell but still chase you down in some Raf Simons
I’m finna drop an EP called 30 racks richer
White boy just like to get high bunch of Mac Millers
[Rio] Beat yo girl ass I hit work bitch we scrap different
Play rose I drink purple bitch we act different
I’ll settle for a glass pint but the act different
Nigga call me with it I’ll been done spent my last penny
The K make yo car reverse like a transmission
This Glock will turn you to a bitch you a transgender
Shotgun gotta pistol grip I use one hand with it
Drum full of slugs man this bitch will stop a Ram engine
[Rmc Mike] I gotta flip phone but still make plays on my 7+
Me and Rio ran into some act and poured a 7up
Past all you rap niggas ain’t no catching up
You the type to buy a quarter ounce and roll 11 blunts
[Rio] Damn it wouldn’t stretch enough
Nigga bought some buffs, but they wouldn’t hitting he ain’t flexin em
Dawg said made the zans to thin they wasn’t pressed enough
100 bands drove that shit to Texas in a Lexus truck
[Rmc Mike] My bitch a vet with the head yours an amateur
I’m finna get that bitch fired like where her manager
Shotgun hold 21 shells like fuck a standard
Yeah we might fuck the same bitch, but you be paying her
Me and Rio on sum don trip and starlito shit
I’m finna start snatching chains on sum Debo shit
Girly tried to give that pussy up on some freako shit
Grabbed her head while she suck my dick and left cheeto prints
[Rio] 762’s will make a nigga pop lock and drop it
Hit him in his chest his shirt look like he work at family dollar
Straight drop work buss it back gram $70
Put it in the microwave and pop (?) vodka
Me and mike on yo song talking very spicy
Threw lil dawg a ball and he caught it I just Jerry Riced him
Signed a deal for a quarter mil and took every 90
I’m finna hide some brass knuckles but I’ll never fight you

shawn fn says:

goes hard asff

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