Lil Durk – Granny Crib (Official Video) Shot by @JerryPHD

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Watch the official music video of “Granny Crib” by Lil Durk (Shot by @JerryPHD)

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Jerry Production says:

shot by @JerryPHD

thumb up if you want more Lil Durk and Jerry Production videos 👍

Chernor Mamadu Bah says:

OTF 💯 Durkio 💯❤️

Shaniece H says:

Durkiiooooo 😍😍😍😍

Muzafer Isaki says:

Why dont you ples that nigga La x

1OneHustle Inc. says:

Durk a real one 🙏🏾

LOLO says:

they scream gang gang when I'm dead


The goat durkio

Goodkiddxx X says:


Maria Tracy says:

Omg this my favorite song everyday its on repeat everyday

error code 3435465554 says:

Christ is the only way out
Please repent now America

Remove yourself from things that will expire

Everything is fading away

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Worship of money

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Til tok

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Theft (look at the riots going on)


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Homosexuality sin

Covetous thinking (wanting what others have) wanting their money their life’s

People who try to mirror people’s lives ^

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mali tha menace says:

durk hits different tho …like a fly on the wall

Zack Boyers says:

He said i dont want no quad? I want some activas. What's quad or whatever?

Otb Mai says:


Royal Shoe Pluq says:

One of the Goats of all time💯 that’s on me

Enos Clinton says:

Beat and flows are hard ASF blow 🔊 s

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