Lil Durk – Finesse Out The Gang Way feat. Lil Baby (Official Music Video) REACTION!

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Jaden Patron says:

Just cause waited 2 deluxe wit watch my homie inna jawn bumped dat whole jawn no skips love songs for the streets 2 no skips yall tweakin

keeii smith says:

Nobody : shut yo goofy ass up 😂😂😭🎯

Brian Groover says:

Good shit, can u speak on the lyrics more tho?

Giovanni Anderson says:


Money Banks says:

Bbq chicken Im wid u on that one🌊

Devon Altman says:

Aye I got a rebuttal for why it took so long for Durk to blow up one I know y’all know hella underrated rappers that don’t get the respect and recognition they deserve and durk one of them and u can say timing doesn’t have nothing to do with it but I believe it does cause it takes some people longer for artist to grow on them and nowadays people don’t care bout what the artist is saying they care about hype songs and turning up like 6ix9ine and da baby like durk is way better then both them but they get way more numbers then him now if u have time to read this then cool idc just wanted to put my input in cause I feel like y’all disrespect him cause he been hard idk how y’all listen to artist but I listen to albums from top to finish and most of his albums to me are non skips that my opinion y’all have y’all’s it’s all love . And one more thing there was a time where durk was not consistent so that may have had a part idk

Jrock Williams says:

What a cool channel! Can y’all react to”ballin” or “suit up” by nick nittoli ☄️☄️☄️

Rasheeda Cole says:

ya tripping durk been dropping shit
dis aint what you want
she just wanna
how i know
my beyonce
i can keep going but his recognition is blowing up now because he got better tbh

Rambo says:

Nah y’all just wasn’t on Durkio he been 🔥🔥

BagLyfe 561 says:

Just Cause Yall Waited 2 …. Top To Bottom 🤧 But Facts Durk Prime Happened Late 2018 Early 2019

Noah Kutey says:

When this man said nba Youngboy on a hiatus this shit reminded me of when Jordan went to baseball😂😂😂 the championship is up for grabs now

ty jordan says:

Y’all must not have heard just cause y’all waited. 2 that’s when he started to blow blow not off this project

Terry Chambers says:

Lol oh and there’s a rebuttal but yeah we gon pass that up ⬆️ but aye y’all boys funny and be grinding I’m wit ya movement man keep working

Terry Chambers says:

Just cause y’all waited by durk was hard and the 2nd one was hard yall crazy and sun shit before that but aye too each they own but I fw yall

Keylo says:

Y’all ain’t like just cause y’all waited 2? he dropped in 2020 that deluxe was hard too😂😂

kayla taylor says:

Y’all back 😩🤣🤣

Precious Pointer says:


Adarius Horton says:

Close friends was lil baby's female track

Aggy Gaines says:

Y'all are really funny😂 I swear yall make my day

Tweety That's Me says:

I’m So Happy 2 See My Guys Hey E Hey Jay 😁😎

Unknown Youth says:

React to quando rondo – soul reaper and red eyes

Tony Williams says:

Reacted to that Quando Rondo Soul Reaper and Red Eye

Reggie TheReal says:

That’s a whole banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dramane Diop says:

Nah lil baby need to drop that album I need some music 😂💙🐐

SAuCe kId OFficCIAL says:

Ay man, go head and drop that fight comp. Cause it's time to laugh at an other nigga's miss fortune.

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