Lil Baby x EST Gee Type Beat 2021 – Real As It Gets

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator

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HiQualitech Tv says:

Steady having motion, me and mine gone get it mostest, if we talking cheese it ain't got no holes in it, whole thang a white make you put ya nose it, just making show it ain't no Po in ya. Oh you like it get some in ya, I see through ya you gone fold ain't it, only 3 bullets in ya pole ain't it, im dodging rikers like I'm dodging pole dancers , point me to da section of on da floor dancers , why do noggas cap I need some more answers , she a lil loss bihh she need some masters , ain't no fuccin wit me if you a broke handler , ya girl rode a bike that ain't got no handles ,but she ain't no thot she got more standards , she come back to ya spot she lose all answers , but deep down she know you ain't gone want no anna


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Faith Double says:

I ain't lil baby but I can go crazy psychotic like shady its too late to save me you love me or hate me but don't try to play the struggle what made me i want it all whatever it cost when throw my soul up it's colder than frost if you think with your head we gone knock that shit off if you playin with meds that's what's gone get you lost

ThaDay DreamerQ says:


Darnell Jones says:

Bruh🔥 nice nice ‼️

Aveany says:

too fye fam💫+1 fs

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