Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – Sour Candy (Line Distribution + Color Coded Lyrics)

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Line Distribution: Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – Sour Candy
Lyrics: colorcodedlyrics/genius

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Yama says:

Correct Korean lyrics:
0:35 뜻밖의 표정 하나에 넌 당황하겠지
0:39 이상적이란 말들로 날 포장한 건 너야, 너야
0:52 거리낌없는 눈빛에 넌 거릴 두니까
0:56 툭 까보면 어김없이 소릴질러 (wow)

babuška 666 says:

I wish jisoo would sing a little more, some lines from other bp members given to her

Jiayou Azhary says:

I was hoping Lisa will get more lines with a little bit rapping style

Sarinya Cindy says:

Lady gaga is cool

MayaDaBee says:

It’s like lady Gaga singing and some back up singers

audrey padura says:

jisoo is mistreated not rose

jxnnie says:



This is true
It takes 90% of the time for Jisoo to come up and 1 second to straight come to last place
Justice for JISOO

Amanda Jegley says:

I love it it’s amazing!😄

A O says:

I hated that they gave Lisa litterally the same line, her line was never different, the rest of them got different lines and didnt say the same thing. (I mean blackpink, not adding lady gaga, just talking bout the members songs)

Fernanda Vlogs says:

Jisoo paso como BTS en Disney Channel🤣 Necesito mas lineas de la reina Jisoo 🥺

Sarinya Cindy says:

Yes Lady gaga win

K.E.B JD says:

Jisoo's lines: setting a new low

NUEVE 9 says:

I'm here for Jisoo 💖

girlslovesunmi says:

yall its lady gaga and blackpink, not lady gaga and jennie and lisa and jisoo and rosé. like add the girls lines together they get more than yall complaing about 🙄

L A 8 A R , says:


гули далова says:

Blackpink number one girl group

Minh Tran says:

1:34 cởi đò oh my god chắc bự

k pop lover says:

In your playlist where is bts?????


Kiss and make up please

Rajput Ramratan says:

Why Jisoo gets least lines always OUT OF BLACKPINK GIRLS??? SHE should get atleast more than Lisa or Jennie when we talk about vocal song.DON'T dare to fight me because you know I am right. 😡😡😡😠😠😠😤😤😤😤Jisoo is the lead vocalist she deserves lines And SHE KNOWS ENGLISH FOR YOUR KIND INFORMATION.😤😤😤😤THIS DISTRIBUTION IS UNFAIR FOR JISOO NOT FOR BLACKPINK. 😡😡😡

อยากเป็น นักเล่า says:

This my first time I watch your video. I'm don't mind about "who have the longest line in this song". I just "Wow Why I miss creative video like this for long time"

kevin javellana says:

Loving the transition from Rosé to Lisa

Moon light says:

Yg: "blackpink ft lady gaga"

Eu: "lady gaga ft Jennie e suas amigas"

رنا رمضان جليل حبيب says:

Voes rose very nice

Dzaky Musyaffa says:

Please kiss and make up (ft. dua lipa)

Crab AppleKitty says:

Yet another song whereby jisoo has the least lines

Min Bro says:

Jisoo como sempre foi a que menos cantou:")

No one at all says:

I actually don’t like this song im just watching it cause why not and also Blacpink is singing so I’m here

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