Korporate x Peachy Freestyle (Kodak Black) Shot By: @KOLDView Films

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On Gaude🙏🏿
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Marmar Turner17 says:


Tallamisha Crawford says:

Blessingggz 🙏🏽 love the flow 😎 bro

Paradox R.N.O says:

Got this on replay

Paradox R.N.O says:

One word to explain this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bars

Stan Rene says:

lit!!! listening from the Caribbean… Blessings bro

Babyboi says:

He kilt it 💯

Jonell Haney says:

Too talented.💯 You should do a skit with big Jah and minks. Keep doing your thing 🚀

Yung-chop-god says:

You sound like you on Sirius XM🤣🤣

Cash out J says:


Cj_dayungeen1011 says:

I like how he gives his youngins whatever they want he said I am the rich uncle for all my nieces and nephews what that mean unlimited fidget’s and ROBUX naw I’m keep y’all sichi long as y’all keep y’all grades up

Khimahnii says:

You hard bro

Deborah Robinson says:

Str8 FIRE 💣🔥🎯❤💪🏾

J - SLAP BEATS says:

This hard bro how can I send you beats?

Jhael Thomas says:


Scooby Pack says:

This shit hard man, I'd love to send you a pack of beats

mishuOren says:

Booooooyyy I played this and all the smoke alarms went off at the same time

MR. Wright says:

Should ghost wrote and sold this 2 somebody else

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