Kodak Black Ft. Chief Keef – Who Want Smoke Remix [Official Audio]

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Kodak Black Ft. Chief Keef – Who Want Smoke [Official Audio]

“Thanks To All My Loyal Fans And Chief Keef’s Loyal Cult Following As Well … Ive Been Working On The Treatment & Wanted To Drop This Video All Together Sometime Next Week But Blame My Skinny Ass Ugly Ass Patch Head Homeboy For Leaking The Dam Song Forcing Me To Release It As It Is Now , We Hope You Enjoy This Z Mix To A Great Song From Your Favorite Yung Niggas #GLODAK”

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The RevoLucien says:

We don't hit Walmarts we hit targets🔫🎯

QoQ Music says:

Nahhh Sober Sosa spazzed tf out 🥶🤯

xFallen_Angelx XXX says:

This go too hard🔥

Dotcom P says:

🆘 nva disappointes 🐐

Pronto! says:

Nice to see Kodak bopping again

Always Been Solid Productions Official says:


Mr. Wingo says:

Keef still garbage

AAKent says:

We don’t hit Wall-Marts, We hit Targets! 🎯

Maramillions says:

They need to put this on Spotify asap

Tony Rogel says:

Dis is da Kodak I know

Life Of Dejanai says:

Why this not on Apple Music 😕

WuTang118 says:

Sosa was abit too loud

WuTang118 says:

This is huge

Duck My Sick says:

Im a big sosa fan like my playlist is all gbe but kodaks verse went harder imo

Duck My Sick says:

Lil durk punching the air right now

Life = 42 says:

I never killed anyone, swear to God

Lost Tapez says:

Sosa sound like the young Fredo

Isaiah Hernandez says:

This ain't it chief 🤧

RED SO DRED Official says:



Thank you for this

go bot says:

Sosa locked up why’s this over the phone?

Maleko M says:

"Like my daddy I'll be right back"…keef went deep with that one

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