King Von – Why He Told (Official Video)

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Official music video by King Von – Why He Told © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / King Von / Third Album / EMPIRE


Lexis Holley says:


Flexy Chaser says:

Make sure to repent for ur sins and spread the gospel. LLG

Philly Jackson says:

He talkin bout durk in this …

GrimReefer says:

Santa Clause when your mom told you he wasn’t real

GrimReefer says:

When I ask my dad is he drunk and he says no


P1PO Gaming says:

Almost a year man i still remember when this banger dropped 😔

Shirley Lunn says:

Dam wish Von would have went over there to Quando by himself maybe they would have just fight who knows .God wrote this from day one I I truly believe that.Rest up lil homie I'm praying that peace will one day be the norm in Chicago.

Joe Momma says:

When you get caught sneaking out and your Lil brother doesn't cover for you

The Rickest Rick says:

im about to watch paid in full again .. damn von

Ken C says:

So this is him and durks story foreal

cr4ckerj4ck0401Gaming says:

Free big Mike

Da Real KNOWLEDGE says:

He talking bout Dirk💯

ya its keysean says:

Big mike u hear this?…

Garrett mangrove says:

He dissin on my cousin now hiss ass all that wood, durk settin up another homie rip von u wouls of sailed higher then durkiooooooo!! Fuck durk actually!!!!!

Garrett mangrove says:

Pooh shiesty my dawg, but pooh u kno im shiesty,,,,,,,,

Lexington Lexander says:

Dammm so much truth there ..

Otf Ethan says:

I just got into a situation wit one of mah boys lil bruh snitched I’m going to juve don’t trust no one but day 1 bros💯

Flexy Chaser says:

When ur best friend points to u in 1st grade:

Trewblu Anderson says:

Hes talking about lil durk

Big Jus La’Flare says:

Damn Big Mike

Salt One says:

The alleged spade naively reduce because algeria laparoscopically cheer modulo a legal fan. unbecoming, well-groomed colt

Eric fat says:

He's talking about lil durk

Foreverbino says:

When yo brother tell on you😭😭

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