Kid Rock – Picture ft. Sheryl Crow  (Reaction)

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Patricia Townsend says:

The irony here is that they've never been a couple. Great song by two great talents! Love your reactions! Could you check out Raining on Sunday by Keith Urban.

TommyYFZ says:

Kid Rock “ All summer long “ One of my favorites reminds me of high school in So Cal.

Hector Ortiz says:

Hector Ortiz I Was Born in 1965 I Grew up With Old School Music And R&B And
Hip-Hop And Old School Rap And School Reggae I Used 2 Freetyle
Breakdance Back in The Days And Bless The Whole World AMan in God's Eyes

Joesej says:

Love is only complicated when you make it complicated. Never had an issue with my wife that lasted more than a day.

Larry Clark says:

I've been Married to my best friend for 45 years I was born in June 1950 she was born in July 1950 🤴👸💓💓

James Taylor says:

George Strait like #1 singles then almost anyone ever. He is the King of country he didn't do a bad song. I strongly suggest "Baby Blue" and "You look so good in love"

James Taylor says:

You would like the Eagles and Credence Clearwater Revival Bob Seager

Zeb Johnson says:

Two cannot walk together unless they be in agreement

Glenn Ridder says:

React to joey and rory when I am gone wife simg to her husband

89801wink says:

I disagree. Love is not complicated…we make it that way.

Ronald Olson says:

You say whatever you want sushi but I just I'm all ears I'm all ears

Michael Haerle says:

Luv u sushi.bless u

rig says:

Man goes out n cheats on the woman …. that's a norm to you?
More women cheat then men!! That's been proven plenty!
Nice try tho!

JPDillon says:

When this song came out, I had a buddy in a band with an amazing female singer. They did a version of this song, but arranged it as an up-paced bluegrass-y song. I love the original, but that was a great song too!

Larry Clark says:

Kid Rock was born in Detroit Michigan and he lives in Minnesota that's why you see all the snowy scenes they recorded this in the winter he says when he wrote the song he who he was going to get to sing the female part they recorded this at his house

Jayden Wallin says:

It’s about two people in love with each other who can’t be together

Rogue Merlin 19 says:

He's on the road, hence different hotel, different girl every night.

Vince A says:

You poor thing.

“It’s just normal that the man goes out and cheats on the woman.”

That’s not only sad for you but also very sexist.

WoncoTheSane says:

Don't know what ya got, till it's gone. Same with Too Sushi! Like and subscribe folks!

Will Gaines says:

Such a cool song

Andy Angel says:

Can you review roy rogers california rose please. It's old school.

JIU JUDO says:

Your a beautiful lady! Always remember that.

Gerald Barras says:

Neither of them were cheating, they were already broke up but still pining for each other.

Mary Blaylock says:

This is very different from most of Kid Rock music. Love all his music!

Swords Beer says:

You say you dont miss it till its gone, but I think this is different.
I think for him it is so real, he is scared to hell of it, and runs from it. For her. it hurts so bad he is gone, but she needs someone to hold her.

CME4 Sheepdogs says:

Her voice is way damn better.

Jonathan Mccoy says:

You’re great

Curtis Wilson says:

You all know that its much more likely the woman is cheating nowadays anyhow.. women got wild!

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