Kid Rock Ft Sheryl Crow Picture [Lyrics]

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Favorite Song


Tiffany Carter says:

I'm going through this right now

Rachael Stephens says:

I bet most of you came here because your drunk 😂

Tyler Wright says:

Elizabeth Gillies sang this song really well I wish shed do her own version

Katie Stewart says:

You don't really need to do the lyrics right if ppl know what they are singing lol but good job it get the job done fine.

WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard says:

Got the cocaine part right. That’s all that matters

Destiny Mahon says:

Really guys? Three days is all you gave it to sleep with other people? And they make it sound like, at the end, it’s been years. He says “I wish I had a good girl to miss me” but she says “I called you yesterday at the hotel” so she was in contact with him or was at least trying to? If they were pining for each other you would think them reaching out like this would have resolved instead of finding random hook ups. This timeline makes no sense lol.

Linda Wetherby says:

i love this songs my name is linda hi

Timothy Routhier says:

3 damn years at least.

Gabby De Leon says:

I just discovered this artist I love it!!!

Ryan Decker says:

Who is here for 2021? Best song!!

Marcela Saechao says:


Emerson Partlo says:

Love this song with every word that is aid because I as his wife have made some bad decisions in life and all I have ever wanted for our relationship to be the way it was before everyone starting messing it up for us and testing each other other's trust in our marriage. Always keep your love ones near you and always trust them and let the others ones that dont care do their own things!!!

Robin Bailey says:

Amazing Song 10/10 😩

Larry Savanna says:

I may call you home at and talk to my daughter before you talk country and holds that guy

Lori Booker says:


Judy Bedard says:

This is me and my papa song I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Anna Phillips says:


Sara Pepper says:

Sara Pepper & Daniel Arnold ❤

Alice Fahl says:

Love that song

Tracy Walker says:

i love that song

Jori Riley says:

with the slow hell🤥

Cassie Fisher says:

Clasic hell yea

Cassie Fisher says:

Ônly3 damm dayz waaa

Tony & georgeanne jacobs says:

Lol people should tell what they really want and not games it is childish really

Robyn Hawkins says:

Nice all the way around

Harley Mannis says:

My mom and sisters would sing this all the time

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