Kid Rock and Miranda Lambert Detroit hoedown 2012

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Regina Golleher says:

He should have sang it with Cheryl Crow,those girls mess it up.

Mary Valencia says:

Awesome talent!

Karen Betler says:

There is nothing better than Kid and a love song…awesome

Vickie Fagan says:

They rewrote
Benefits two fold
Lindsey Graham
Got my vote

Karla Staley says:

So when you want sunshine back you know exactly where I am

Stella Ercolani says:

You have all the fun😁

Lisa Miller says:

Great concert with all of you, come to London KY.,I'll show you all what countries all about. Love you guys.

Teresa Farr says:

Kid Rock,Miranda L….you both are awesome own you too !! awesome Song's 💜💜💜💜💜

Darcy Burlingame says:

Miranda is so sexy

Darcy Burlingame says:

I think kid Rock is so hot and this song reminds me of my true love

Savanna Woodruff says:

Did Kid Rock had his hair up it like it

Jim Vance says:

how can you sing with Kid Rock & Miranda Lambert and FORGET the damn words

Cheryl Chavis says:

Just wanted to write this it is in my heart and it might help someone out there. Let the power of love shine through you to those around you. You will never know who is in a dark place and is ready to end all the hurt and pain. Stop all the hating and pick on one another. The most powerful word of all is LOVE. For just one day everyone show your love not just for family but for ever person you come in contact with. For every one who reads this you have my LOVE BECAUSE YOUR SOMEONE THAT IS SPECIAL.

S luc says:

Holly Crap Miranda wanted to shoot kid !!!! Now she is all over kid ? is she trying to get her girls to stand up to kid?

Zoetropeification says:

Let's not forget Ashley Monroe and Miss Presley.

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