Kanye West Double Dates With N.O.R.E., Kim And Pete Davidson Jet Off To The Bahamas

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Kim is reckless and Trolling

Time - A - Tell says:

Kanye part starts at 3:29

Acer Galua says:

Damn wtf is so interesting about blackish to take the whole rumor report? They been struggling to get topics lately

King Animation912 says:

Huh!?!?!? That title is wild 😂😂

error_code-0 says:

Can I have eggs 😂

Mike Mulumba says:

Wow….this guy…m

Jacob A says:

So dumb lol

Mulcahy Sleurs says:

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Cali CoCo says:

I missed the Breakfast Club. So glad they are back ❤️

Batman Pop's says:

No Mrs Sofia No Mrs Sofia Noooo

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