Jason Aldean Talks About His New Song With Carrie Underwood, "If I Didn't Love You" + More!

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Jason Aldean Talks About His New Song With Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You” + More!

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Kevin Sloan says:

JA is just about all I’ll listen 2

Rebecca Banks says:


vickie hart says:

thanks to Jason and Carrie this song help me get through hard and bad relationships I went through thank you both

robbie eades says:

Glad you chose her Jason. You definitely have a number 1 and duet song of the year on your hands man.

Gina Fleischmann says:

You and Kelly clarckson was my favorite

Tara Sanders says:

Let's not forget Jason an Kelly great duet!!!!

Tara Sanders says:

U never seem to let us down Jason!! Thanks again for bringing in Carrie!! It rocks!!❣️

Joni Meador says:

Love the song Jason!! Very excited to see you in Charlotte on August 20th!!😎❤🔥#2021BestConcerts

danny england says:

Way to Jason you killed it Congrats

Gabriele Schulz says:

Well…. Both u and Carrie DEFINITELY complement each other!

eMilee Rinn says:

Anything Jason Aldean does is good! 🥰

Barbara Engel says:

Jason you are so dam sexy

Regina Harrison says:

Awesome song!!! Love you Jason and Carrie💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Jennifer Dijames says:

Well Jason. You and Carrie did a great job on your new duet." If I Didn't Love You". The song is awesome 👌. Keep it coming guys. Jason, What does your wife Brittany think?

Allen Trice says:

Looks like Jason Aldean's newly song! And it's just gonna be new and improved 10th album real soon!

Steven Edward says:

Carrie Underwood is the greatest female singer of the world!!🥰🥰

Cherie Johnson says:

This kind of song makes you want to fall in love makes you want to go back to your younger self and tell you it's okay love wins everyday. My birthday wish to be true to find someone to love me just like everyone needs to. Love the song Keep it going it's birthday week party for everyone to celebrating this beautiful song.

Beth Marley says:

Kelly would of been much better.

robert gardell says:

I still think Carrie is better than Kelly, that will never change. Carrie has more powerful voice than Kelly. And Carrie's vocals are more cleaner than Kelly.

Gayle Doyer says:

Anything Carrie Underwood touches turns to gold.

Judith Hagen says:

Don't You Want to Stay is way more than "pretty good"!!😉 Love this new song with Carrie Underwood!! Keep on rockin' JA!! 🎶🎶🎶

Rebecca Banks says:

Love song 🎵♥❤

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