Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood – “If I Didn’t Love You” | CMA Awards 2021

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Music video of Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood performing “If I Didn’t Love You” at CMA Awards 2021. “The 55th Annual CMA Awards” aired live Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021 on ABC. Stream on Hulu now. It’s Country Music’s Biggest Night!



Kevin Justin says:

Jason sounds terrible live. Dreadful.

Shelby Allan says:

Love y’all guys!

K SAVAGE says:

u go girl,,,stand up for what you believe in

Mary Hensley says:

Great performance by both, love Jason and Miranda as well!

Another Goldilocks says:

Love this song & these artists are outstanding! 😬

Mckayla the Trumpet player says:

Hey guess what my name is Mckayla Underwood and just saying im not joking🤯 and i love your songs Carrie!❤

m a scoca Capriolo says:

True amazing just amazing!


I love the song great singers !!!!! ❤️❤️

ryan richardson says:

Hey…no auto-tuning kids. Take notes.

Nick Wynn says:

You guys did amazing 👏

Sheila Parker says:

That dress how ugly carries dress was really bad she looked bad if I was her I would dig a huge hole and toss the dress away

Judy Henson says:

Great song. But Carrie is wearing one of the worst dresses of all time!!!

Derrick W. says:

Dixie Chicks were banned from appearing at the CMA's due to their comments about a President in 2003. Jump to 2021,and Jason Aldean gets a prominent performance spot on the broadcast after negative comments about the current President. Not to mention this performance may have the been the most awkward performance of the night. Underwood just seem to be bored with the performance. zero chemistry.

Christine Merlino says:

what the hell is carrie wearing????

Bob Burch says:

That was Awesome

Mary Barger says:

Ugly dress!!!!!

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