J.I. "Excuse My Pain" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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J.I.’s “Excuse My Pain” is his latest hit, and it’s already racked up 2.6 million views on YouTube to date. It is produced by Alzee, Kostas Karagiozidis, and Nico Chiara and appears on ‘Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 3.’ On the track, J.I. raps honestly about his wrongdoings in life.

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Watch the official music video for “Excuse My Pain”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAP3Kdbdhak

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XKeirstinX says:

I love me some J.I

Jorge Santiago says:

What kinda glasses he got??

T Will says:

JI i such a character😂

Imy Blinky says:

This dude looks like Ali G

J Wavy says:

Srry but the thumbnail got me weak😂😭😭😭😭😭😭

Julia Montero says:

bro the love i have for j.i. this man doesnt know how much i love him bro

Fredo Bang says:

Dis nigga cool dab 😂🅿️

E Y E says:

Wow, you can really see how he's growing up everyday. Getting out of the youngboy dressing style, from brushing them waves to a more Puerto Rican type hair. Just nice to see he's older, mentally and growing different and older everyday

Omar Mendoza says:

Lol this boy tripping

Swish KTV says:

Came a Long Way, keep growing and expanding your brand.

Elias Lopez says:


TBSTAR says:

Who else is listening to the song after watching this?

Love Letter says:

I’m glad he got rid of the wave this hair better

SuperLilT10 T says:

J I don’t jinx yourself with dying in pain

Money Mario says:

Yall think this nigga really got any bodies?

Josh says:

Yeah that check hit, fasho

Jay Miguel says:

Yo J.I A Goat like polo g

parsom karii says:

Howard from uncut gems is looking different these days

ariii xo says:


Antno _ says:

Fact no cap 🧢 life is not permanent

Duncan Huisamen says:

Ji da don☠️

Amaliz Pedraza says:

he should do blame on me like he should say what it means

Joyondra B. says:

This song goes so fuckin hard he keeps making hits

Snipez Toxic says:

Yo j.I it’s all good bro I’m 13 and got to deal with it to that’s one reason I mess with you and plus you got bars fr

Shady Jayy12 says:

I look up to prince 👏🏾

Jorge DLR says:

Dude looks like a Latin Adam Sandler from uncut gems

Jacob Vargas says:

Like bizzy banks said I’m a lil body buh I talk like a big body cuz I put in that pain💯🙏🏾

Luis David says:

how many times he say “you understand me”

Angel Yala says:

Bro got a perm

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