[ITZY – WANNABE ] dance practice mirrored

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•Lucia_Gutierrez• B says:


Alaina Garcia says:

I aspire to move my hips like Itzy does..

REQUEST dance says:

Aku udh mulai hapal wannabe

aeya says:

I think this is the only girl group dance that attracts me

M G says:

Y'all have to notice the timing of their moves.
The point of the entire choreo is that the movements are sharp. Therefore they don't have to put as much effort into it for it to look good.

They do almost every single move before beat. Notice in the beginning already.

If you focus on an individual, you notice that their movements are very small. It's a trick almost all female idols at least use.
When they do the move earlier, it looks like they're fast as Hell, but it's just a trick.

Maybe you can see what I mean if you look at the first few moves in the chorus. It's very clear that it's off beat!

Good luck <3

– My friend and I practiced this together after I had been practicing for like a month. I was doing well, but when she looked at me dance, she noticed I was off beat the entire time. Don't feel stressed or like a bad dancer bcs of this. Notice the small details!

mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe says:

im not even gonna lie, some parts of this song look like a pain in the ass for me to learn

tayla ! says:

0:45 timestamp for myself hahahaha

SᏫᎵᏂiᏋ MᏫᏣᏂi says:

이 안무는 너무 어렵다

딤치미;; dimchimmy says:

One month, three days, and I still can’t do the shoulder move

Aryaa Chakraborty says:


Sinja süpfle says:

Anyone else now thinking about short hair?
No? Just me?:-

Carla Carvallho Nascimento says:


jamais vu says:

my body tingles and keep wanting to dance everytime i hear this song lmao

Victoria Ying says:

2:17 most satisfying part of the dance

Krystal says:

This was so weird for me because I learned it in the original video so now everything is backwards.

안나Anna says:

Coluna pra que ?

Alysse Nanney says:

0:14 is when the shoulder dance starts

Andree says:

How to lose weight:

ヨーグルトとパン says:


Cᴏᴄᴏ_Mɪʟᴋ says:

Ryujin and Lia: Twining
Yeji and Chaeyeong: Looking like minnie mouse
Yuna: Looking like Snow White

Rien Y-P says:

Bare with me, I know I wrote a lot but I tried to give a well-explained tutorial…
How to learn Ryujin's Shoulder dance!!

[My Experience] Okay, so I'm not a dancer and I really REALLY wanted to learn this dance for an audition! First, have confidence in yourself that you can learn this and be determined because this is a very difficult song. (I have only learned 2 whole choreographies before, "Cheer Up" by TWICE and "Bon Bon Chocolat" by Everglow, but this didn't stop me from learning this song!)

[Actual Tutorial] Obviously, I'm a beginner, but I feel like I personally have mastered Ryujins shoulder part, but it was soooo difficult! You start out with the right shoulder. Slightly turn your body so that your right shoulder is in front as well and point the right shoulder up. Keep your body like this for a split second while you switch which shoulder points upwards (left shoulder is back and pointed up while the right is down and in front). After that, move your body to be centered (no shoulder is behind or in front of the other) drop your left shoulder down and your right pointed up. Lastly, turn your body so that your left shoulder is now in front and pointed up. There you go!! For the whole intro of her shoulder dance, you need to do it once like explained and then basically reverse it. You do this 4 times, but remember that this is really quick so time will fly. While doing the first 4 reps of that, your hands will be placed right above/on top of your hips. After those first 4 reps with the hands on the waist/hip, you will end with your left shoulder in front and pointed. Act like your going to do the same mover, but when you land on your right shoulder, push your fist out, while putting the left hand in a fist as well. Do the same movements with the adjustments for 4 reps again. Do this pattern 2 more times and then push your arms down to both sides behind the legs a bit. Let's say there are 4 units to this intro part. There are 4 reps in each unit of doing the movements. Continuously practice these moves A LOT. In the kitchen when you're making food, at the grocery store, in the car (as long as you're not the one driving lmao), etc.
Another tip for perfecting this:
Learn the counts first and then try it at different speeds and with the mirrored video. After you feel confident, try adding in her sass and do it without the video only music! Something I do is that I record myself and screen record a part of the song and place my video merged on top of the real dance to see where I'm lacking the most and where I need to make improvements.

How to do this:
I use FilmoraGo (a free app on my phone) and use only the real dance recorded. Once it allows you to edit, click PIP and merge your video on top and then sync them!
Have fun learning this because I know I did!
I hope this helped!!!

Rowan Delevingne says:

Minut 1:21 Look at Yuna and look at Lia. it shows that Lia is trying to do her best.

la novia de suga xd says:

ya me aprendi el baile completo muchas gracias me sirvio mucho💜💜💜💜

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