It really do be like that 馃槀

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Tik Tok memes


vq_ qr3 says:

oh man that song remind me of a fake horror video but its too realistic

Orange says:


Orange says:

Wait hold up if I put these – in a sentence it puts a line under :O UwU

Orange says:

My mom : sees spec of dust her: OMG ITS SO NASTY IN HERE me : 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍

Jessica Hughes says:

For real tho

Koko Coco XD says:

When you tell your Hispanic mom the room is clean –
Your Hispanic mom :

Yousef nabil says:

The way he opened that door tho馃槀

鏈堝厜Daiku says:

I hate when my parents tell me to clean my room before a guest comes. Like bitch, they ain鈥檛 coming in my room.

Grizzly Bear says:

Once I went to chill at my friend's apartment and when I got there, he apologized and said the "house was a mess" (because his mom said it was a "mess").

I glance at the area and it's as perfectly clean as always. I get to his room, a shirt and a school folder are on the floor. He says "My bad I meant to clean that earlier." I'm like "You ok? Because this is the cleanest "mess" I've ever seen"

Aniasbaru says:

100% relate lol 馃槀

Richard Beaufort says:

Yo, nigga. Is it just me or did that kid from modern family hit a hella growth spurt

Brayden Hancock says:

My mom: there鈥檚 some trash under the dresser
Me: that鈥檚 it, I鈥檓 out

Roger Sepeda says:

Someone must've just got out the army thinking they're getting a room inspected . I hated those.

mell - a - tonin says:

Stop complaining and get your lazy ass to work, it aint that much

Dovahkiin says:

The little stance he did when he came through the door馃槀馃槀馃槀

Ed Fuller says:

Someone got asked to clean.

Cupz says:

What鈥檚 the music

Juked鈥檈m says:

You know what鈥檚 more disgusting? How he spelled 鈥測our鈥 instead of 鈥測ou鈥檙e鈥

Malinda says:

Lol put it on 2x speed it鈥檚 scary

Mr. Football says:

If this isn鈥檛 true I don鈥檛 know what is

Buyo Oki says:

Funny thing is they pretty much are like this. you see moms like to talk shit about other mom being Poor and dirty ie yo momma 馃檪

raul duke says:

How many people are going to make videos of this? Is this what talent is nowadays? Copying videos you see on YouTube or Tik tok? My generation is legitimately the most retarded, talentless, and worthless generation. The future of the earth is completely doomed

Approving Weeb says:

Just here to make it 340 comments dont mind me

Michael Matthews says:

You're* all disgusting

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