If Juice WRLD was on RAPSTAR with Polo G

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Rest in Peace Jarad Anthony Higgins
2 December 1998 – 8 December 2019


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Anton says:

“If she don’t love you let her go, if he a hater let him know” Damn dude choose to speak fax

ShXXXY says:

Wish it was real

joHNyboY -__-j says:

What song is the juice verse from this is fire 🔥

Andrew Treadaway says:


Archie says:

We defo gonna show this to our kids/grandkids

Ishaan Luthra says:

Thissss issss fireeeeeww legends never diee

Pumped says:

Bro polo g with juice weld would end all rap #1 best song OF THE CENTRY!!!

Wesley Williamson says:


Giordano Carneiro says:

who is this girl with him? 0:21

Pablo Escobar says:

Can someone put a Juice wrld verse on party lyfe!!!!

Preston says:

This gonna be nostalgic one day

who knows says:

Just so that we could replay together 1:35

CS CH111ED says:

“The whole wide world is feeling the vibe” just hits different

Revo says:

1:31 Juice wrlds Verse

chvracters s says:

I’m a super big fan of juice but y’all gotta stop hyping him up just because he’s dead fr fr. this shit was so trash idk how y’all even think this is decent.

Julia Julia says:

I used to think it said my parents married but I guess it says my pants amiri

Nine Tailed Fox says:

This will be at our recommendation

Zaone says:

this shit actually sound like a feature great job to whoever made it

Core says:

1:35 is the part when juice wrld starts singing

RavenWNS says:

Put this on SOUNDCLOUD

༒TwahimEditzz ༒ says:

80 years later when people listen to this there going to listen to this everyday

theyenvy. arii says:

this is so rare ripjuice

Rushil Motamarri says:

What song is juices verse from

The Content Cars says:

This hits hard

Morgan Neaves says:

from your doom to a new day😥😥

Cryo Kariyed says:

It’s so sad just seeing juice wrld because it looks like he’s so happy

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