Human After All: The Weirdest Daft Punk Album…

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Human After All: The Weirdest Daft Punk Album…
The electronic music duo’s weirdest album? Let’s find out!
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Main music is DK Dokuro – Passport.MID (Sega Genesis 90’s remix)

Today, I will be going over Daft Punk, the French house electronic duo consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and their third studio album Human After All. They created the album Homework and Discovery and Human was the next step. The album having the singles Robot Rock and Technologic, among others. Prime Time of Your Life even having a music video. After a long silence, the robots have abruptly decided to finish the robot journey with their retirement in a video titled “Epilogue”. Random Access Memories was a great album as well. Daft Punk really had an amazing run with full albums and weird music video. This was an interesting one.

I do a lot of Daft Punk Instrumental AND hip hop Instrumentals, but this time I’m doing a music breakdown / discussion of sorts on Human After All: The Weirdest Daft Punk Album

If this video does well to me, I can continue this.

Not review, video essay, music video, playlist, or anything like that. An onlysmallbites original video. This is more of a vlog / talk video with nice drawings / art

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The Fremd Dinge Guy says:

For me, songs from this album give me a "wtf is this song" feeling for the first 20 seconds or so, but then I immerse myself in the songs and enjoy them.
Also, I don't think you should skip over covering the Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk. It's basically a whole separate album by them, considering the fact that it's really enjoyable to listen to both with and without the movie

Clippygoat says:

I still remember having nightmares after seeing the music video of “prime time of your life” when I was 7 when i was just flicking channels until I stumbled this godamn music video on MTV. I’ve been trying to find that music video since until i found it again in 2013 when the Random Access Memories was released. All that nightmarish fever dream was real after all.

SpaceDave1337 says:

5:37 engineer Gaming

Krisha Actually says:

Brainwasher is the fucking rawest, filthies, dirtiest, grimiest banger in their discography.

Jack Pijjin says:

My review:

"It's fine. "

Xavier Lajoie says:

Kraftwerk is pretty much a text book example of how to make minimalist music. Autobahn has about 8 lines of lyrics, and rarely gets more than two-notes' worth of polyphony, and yet it remains interesting for 22 minutes, through excellent variety in its limitations, and masterful usage of soundscapes, all of that making it a landmark in musical simplicty.

Mhara Gal says:

Robot Rock is my Fav Track in Human After All

Jfloppa says:

Pleeeasse do a video about Cross by Justice

Jonathan_407 says:

Robot Rock is literally the intro to Release The Beast. The sample is just a loop of the song.

amor amor says:

great vid, i love it!!!!

Daft Doodle says:

I personally love this album. Yes I do agree that it is simple and sometimes blatantly lazy, but it’s strange, unique sound is what makes me come back time and time again. It also includes some literal bangers like HAA and Prime Time If Your Life.

Droxcy says:

It’s one of my favorites from them actually

Owen Roberts says:

Honestly really good video but unless I've missed something, 2 and a half months is more like 10 weeks not 6 weeks

Elizabeth Klemenz says:

Could you do Tron after RAM? Might ruffle some feathers asking for this considering how cheesy the movie was, but I’d love to see the same retrospective in these vids put into the Tron soundtrack.

PleaseDontSubscribe says:

I'm really surprised that people don't like this album, it's my favorite from their discography

CrimCyan says:

Honestly, I absolutely loved human after all. I prefer it way more than RAM

astronmr20 says:

This album seems to have been made to be mixed live. It gels Homework and Discovery for their live show Alive 2007.

Banksy2204 says:

2005 : Mh, not really a banger album…


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