He Call Me Big Purr Challenge Dance Compilation #bigpurr #bigpurrchallenge

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Song: Big Purr – Pooh Shiesty & Coi leray (he call me big prrd)
He Call Me Big Purr Challenge Dance Compilation #bigpurr #bigpurrchallenge
Best TikTok, Dubsmash and Instagram He Call Me Big Purr Challenge Compilation and lit dance.

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Chin Watson says:

Y'all crazy …..period 😛

Ahmad Clark says:

How to be dance like that no big we can't do that right so we can try to do it

Deon Delduca says:

What's up with the makeup any more!! White dots on the end of the nose ..White strips on the top .. Goofy ass looking shit!! Makeup so thick it running down there neck..rubbing off on the around the collar thing.. ease up!!

JBlack Robertson says:

The girl in that rain bow dress and blue led lights she got me thinking of the breaking new then I hate that song after you hit a couple you keep doing that trash song but I love your vidssssss

Greg Verdine says:

the fat boy was gay no cap but it was funny tho no cap omg god


That boy is nasty

Christopher Thomas says:


George Orwell says:


D Thompson says:

No but reacting to your own song !!!!

Ella Carswell says:

Second one dude really know how to tweark

Chloe Halls says:

1:56 damn that melanin popping 🥺

Life with Niya says:

im a taurus

Chris Bolden says:

Artie play in a kit

Xylee Upchurch says:

Nobody like you you always twerkingCarla

Rebel_without_ a_cause says:

Literally everything is a dance now 😂😂

Ivory Lloyd says:


sondra Boss Lady says:

Down to the bottom and the right

Dr pills for president says:

No one gon talk abt 2:29 SHE GORGEOUS-

Alijah Carston says:

2:25 nah bro not feling that one as a pisces and a male one nah
how is this a challenge

Kaishawn Wright says:

The girl with the red hair has too much makeup on her nose

sondra Boss Lady says:


Mookie MF Savage says:

The girl with the red hair thats 1:02 she need to fix her make up frfr

Smoove Opz says:

One, niggas don’t do this “challenge” u look sus asf and what’s wrong with that one chicks face with the red hair @ 1:06

CTB xABM says:

This shit is weak asf 😭

Curlyhead_Miyia 12 says:

0:57 had me dying of laughter

Arianna Serrette says:

2:30 omgggggggg

Arianna Serrette says:

1:20 go girl

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