Haikyuu- Lyric Pranks (Girls in the hood by Megan Thee Stallion) 3K special 🥴

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I could find the person who suggested this so I’m very sorry!

Haikyuu Feso’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD3FEY2SVTLjGj03ANSpZvA?app=desktop

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This is not REAL! This is for entertainment purpose only don’t take any of these jokes to heart. Credit to the people who made this song I am not claiming it in anyway so do with it what you will. This is NOT HOW I SEE THE CHARACTERS IN ANYWAY SHAPE FOR FORM!! This is for enjoyment amongst the audience.

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Haikyuu Feso says:

Omg you even linked my channel, are you even real?!?!??!😩🥺♥️♥️

Kelly Jackson says:

Does anyone know where I can watch this anime?

K SIM30 says:

wait Megan watches anime?????

Brielle says:


*NoM* says:


Mackinzie says:

0:20 wow someone else that knows Vandred!!!

Diana Hernandez says:

You should do more of these 🤣👅

Chicken Molala says:

Why do i see the haikyu bottoms as mean girls =)

adonisgguk says:

Lets be honest we’re all ennoshita’s bxxches

casqiiaa says:

We didn't tell them you did👀🥰

cookie dough says:

Yea it's bad but you are the baddie

Natsū The bhaddiē says:

Wait what the actual f- why am I not subbed to you- df I thought I was subbed-

Natsū The bhaddiē says:

These bitches forgot me😔💁‍♀️💅✨

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