Grand Ole Opry Performance | May 29, 2021

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I’ll be going LIVE from the Grand Ole Opry and singing Cold As You, Even Though I’m Leaving, Forever After All, and Lovin’ On You. Y’all tune in.

Cold As You: 40:08
Even Though I’m Leaving: 43:33
Forever After All: 50:20
Lovin’ On You: 54:30
Hurricane: 58:05


Teresa McCabe says:

Love love this amazing performer!

The Maddog Gamer says:

Its funny how everyone in the Live chat were all saying LUKE LUKE but when he came on they spent more time typing stuff then listening to the music

Gianna Dream says:

His music resonates so much 💖

lise van es says:

Thank you Luke for your cd god bless and just love America

lise van es says:

Just love most country
Hello Utah man Chris young

Mac Attack Gaming says:

I find Chris is having a lot of trouble singing live

thundersriker103 with tornados and trains says:

Love the song

angel smith says:

Lauren is just a spunky beautiful young lady🤍💕🤍 and Luke is always Amazing ❤️🤍❤️ Happy Birthday Tyler🎈❤️🎂What an amazing gift to give your brother!! Tyler did fabulous 🥰🥰 Congratulations to your brother and his wife, twin girls 😍😍


Luke Combs love from Northern Ireland I hope to see you someday live in concert I play your music everyday the lyrics and meaning cross many borders thank you

Cynthia Maples says:

Loved you at the Opry Memorial weekend wish I could have been there in person when my mom was still with us she took me twice got to see Vince Gill😉

Carmen Brochu says:

Everyone did so great tonight. Luke Combs, your voice is amazing and recognizable anywhere, please continue to do what you do. I can speak for a lot of fans when I say, super spectacular talent!!

Simon Jung says:

great voice! but who is this coverband behind ya 😀

Heber Almeida says:

Lovin' on you introduction reminded me Don't ask me no questions introduction

CoOpFlAsH says:

what a music in 08:00 minutes ?

Дмитрий Николаевич Соболев says:

Luke!!! Combs!!! You are best!!!

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