Good Days – SZA feat. Jacob Collier (cover)

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this is probably the 100th cover you guys have seen of this song, but it’s just so good!!! hope everyone’s staying safe and well. Currently working on another single so stay tuneedddd

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator


josefrancisco chavez says:

We need a 1 hour version of this.

Beatrice Grace says:

This is the best cover I've seen, literally gave me goosebumps! Thank you for giving this to us!!

Gabrielle Violet says:

This is amazing! Thank you. 🙂


cool! let me know if u ever need a producer. could be dope collaborating..

Shreya Prince says:

The low notes made me feel some typa way ❤️

Jean Ling says:

Love your voice girl! I feel like you should showcase your lower range and vocal control!

Sara VN says:


Jéssica Mendes says:

Do the full song plsssss

A. K. Eli says:

I think the lyric is "empty mind shit" you can say it c'mon 🙂

lauren jene' says:

u snapped 🔥

Daniel Antiporda says:

uhweee! 🔥 i got goosebumps

Caps Lock says:


FeitanSavage says:

Why do people even dislike this, this is immaculate you did a great job

Sarah Lively says:

the tone !!!

**popfun** says:

it sucks when they have an amazing voice but change the chords and doesnt have the same push as the original. some of us love the song because of the chords, not just for the melody. perhaps not most people but many of use do especially those of us with synesthesia.

Jane Madayag says:

literally not connected to this cover but….why is the i want you around cover gone 😩😢

Achilles Eels says:

Killed. It. Subscribed.

Destinee Delgado says:

Girl you should definitely do a full cover!! So effortlessly love it!!

Mel says:

Absolutely incredible, such a beautiful voice! 😍

Mery stan says:

too short 🥺 …need a longer version ❤️🙏🏼

Alopecia Boy says:

Farrah ur literally a gem 💎

Radovan Šurlák says:

really like your voice and singing skills

햄구르 says:

햄튜브 인스타 보고 좋아요 누르러 왔어욤. Your cover is wonderful

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